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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jan 25, 2012.

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    Ryan Tannehill - QB - Player's Gil Brandt believes Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill (broken foot) will still be a top-10 pick.
    Tannehill was gaining momentum as the best quarterback on the board behind Stanford's Andrew Luck and Baylor's Robert Griffin III before his injury was revealed. Now doubtful to participate in the Combine, Tannehill's ailment will surely decrease his pool of interested parties. However, respected NFL Network draft guru Mike Mayock still has Tannehill ranked as this year's third-best quarterback. If he can get healthy in time to conduct individual workouts, it's not outside the realm of possibility he could go in the first half of the first round

    Sorry guys no link, maybe somebody else can provide. Almost fell over when I saw it.
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    Disagree with the writer that Romo is actually a problem, but I still like the fresh approach
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    now if that was the Daily Turd I would believe it; usually PFW is a little smarter than that
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    :lmao2: :bang2: :laugh2: :laugh1: :confused: :eek: :rolleyes: :( :mad:
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    Can't say anything else.
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    One I don't think Tannehill ends up in Dallas and franly not sold on him being a 1st rd pick as a QB
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    this is way worse than the sporting news mock
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    Tannehill is not a first round pick.

    He struggles with accuracy and consistency which are exactly how great athletes turn into crappy QBs.

    He could eventually be a solid NFL QB but he need slot of development and is very far from a top 15 pick.
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    It's not uncommon for QBs to get overdrafted.

    If the top two QBs are really gone in the top 5, then it's a pretty good bet the next tier gets pushed up and become first round projections.

    The same things being said about Tannehill were also said about Ponder and Locker.
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    Well, there are differences between those groups of QBs ( last year and this year's ). For starters, there's the demand side. Entering this draft, there's only a handful of team who need a future franchise QB or have room to consider spending a high pick to develop one.

    1. Colts
    2. Browns
    3. Deadskins
    4. Dolphins
    5. Seahawks
    6. Cardinals * ( if they're willing to give up on Kolb this soon )

    Everybody else has either a franchise type QB, have a stable enough situation at the QB position where they're not going to spend a high pick on one, or are in the process of developing somebody.

    Now, with Luck and RGIII entering the picture, you can eliminate 2 teams from that list. For argument's sake, let's pretend it's the top two ( Colts - Luck, Browns - RGIII ). That would leave the Deadskins, Dolphins, Seahawks and maybe the Cardinals still searching.

    Aside from Luck and RGIII in the draft, there are 2 other available QBs with NFL experience who can become immediate starters in which ever of the remaining teams they might end up. Both are at opposite ends of the spectrum ( talented, young, shown flashes but not big body of work - All Pro, twilight of his career, future HOF but health problems ). Obviously I'm writting about Matt Flynn and Peyton Manning. Again, for argument's sake let's pretend the next two teams, who coincidently make almost perfect sense in both of those instances, acquire them ( Deadskins - Manning, Dolphins - Flynn ).

    That would leave the Seahawks and maybe the Cardinals with QB as a top priority, and Seattle being the most obvious one.

    I don't see Seattle spending the 12th or 13th pick of the draft on Tannehill and if the Cardinals pull the trigger on a QB with their pick, it's going to be Brock Osweiler, who:

    a) has all raw the tools ( and then some ) to make him a top prospect
    b) is from their back yard
    c) fits Ken Whisenhunt's offensive philsophy like a glove
    d) won't turn 22 until November of this year
    e) was helped tremendously by Joe Flacco's, the guy who teams will compare him to the most, performance against the Patriots.

    Osweiler's name has already started to leak out as a possible late first round pick and we're not in February yet. Not because of the teams who are currently slotted at that range, but for teams ( like Seattle and AZ ) to move into that range. I would be surprised, but not shocked, if even the Dolphins pull the trigger with their pick in the 1st round ( although more than likely they'd move up from the 2nd round to get him ) if they miss out on Flynn or Manning.

    I think Tannehill would likely be a 2nd round consideration for the Deadskins. He's a natural for Shannhan's version of the WCO.
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    If this were to happen, approximately 8 hours later you can find me at Baylor University Medical Center in the room where they can pump your stomach.
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    :lmao2: :laugh2:
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    Tannehill has much less actual QB experience than either of those guys.

    He was a DB and WR in high school before becoming the QB. Then was a WR at TAMU for two years.

    Drafting him in R2 is over-drafting him by quite a lot.
    He was a walk on at TAMU. Outside the 4 or 5 game stretch at the end of his junior season when he played very well for an overlooked, bottom of the conference team to give people false hope about 2011 he hasn't done anything at QB.

    But you are correct about Ponder and Locker being over-drafted. Locker was just a terribly inaccurate passer. And if you look at his rookie numbers he completed just over 50% of his passes. NFL teams definitely can be stupid.

    I am fairly certain even the most homeristic Aggie and Cowboy fans would be sick to their stomach if this was the pick for us at 14.

    I do think it possible Tannehill goes as the 3rd QB but that is largely because this is an atrocious QB class. The actual 3rd best QB(and for more successful than Tannehill in college) is probably Weeden but he is nearing social security. Teams would be much wiser to wait until 2013 for a QB. That class looks phenomenal early.

    I'd probably rate Tannehill 5th but I do not have a 3rd guy with r1 ranking. Foles or Tannehill.... Not sure either is as good as Stephen McGee.
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    speechless myself.:banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: if this happens.:eek:
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    Judas approves.:lmao2:
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    Either the author does no homework or he's blatantly trolling ... either way, what an absolute rag PFW has become. Dude, you're the occupying a spot once held by a legend like Joel Buchsbaum. It used to be the Gold Standard for draftniks. Show some friggin pride in your yourself and your job. Absolutely shameful.
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    He is not accurate at all,he will take years to develop.

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