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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 24, 2004.

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    Random quotes from around the league

    Former Titans RB Eddie George talking about his contract situation with the team — he was asked to take a reduction in salary from $4.25 million to $1.5 million to save cap space — prior to his being given his release this week: “Basically, we’re just talking about taking a straight pay cut. I didn’t see the win-win situation. If I’m helping the organization out, I thought they would help me out and have a win-win situation and I would basically make my money up in incentives. … I hate to sever the ties here. My first and only option was to finish as a Tennessee Titan under fair circumstances. Unfortunately that’s not how I perceive it at this point. I look to move forward in a new situation.”

    Titans QB Steve McNair after news broke that George had been released: “He was a great asset to my success through the years that we were together because of his dedication and his toughness. He’s one of my guys that I looked up to. It’s a very sad day for me.”

    New Titans RB Antowain Smith on his role with the team after being signed to try to fill the void left by George’s departure: “I am not here to fill Eddie George’s shoes. Those are very large shoes to fill. I am here to do whatever is asked of me, help the team win and not step on any toes.”

    Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs on his likely decision to restrict fan access from his first training camp in 12 years: “I don’t care if you’re taking a test or what you’re doing. If there’s things walking around, and people talking, good-looking girls walking up and down the sidelines and everything, then generally what people do is: ‘I’d rather look over there than look out here.’ So that’s a problem, distractions are.”
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    Like aliens, LOL??
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    This doesn't sound right. You would think he would atleast be coached into saying us instead of me or my.
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    Pretty critical aren't you, I mean we? Oh never mind.


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