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    Question of the week

    Who is the best quarterback in the NFL?

    By PFW staff
    Sept. 18, 2004

    When Peyton Manning squared off against Tom Brady in the opening game of the 2004 season, it once again set off the debate as to who is the best quarterback playing in the NFL today.

    There are a number of great signalcallers currently playing, but which is the best?

    Is it Manning, who as the driver of the Colts’ high-powered offensive machine, tosses tons of TD passes while drawing from offensive coordinator Tom Moore’s voluminous playbook. Manning finally put to rest the criticism that he can’t win in the postseason after leading the Colts to two playoff wins last January. He has set a goal of completing 70 percent of his passes this year.

    Or, Brady, a two-time Super Bowl MVP who has effectively established himself as the top big-game quarterback in the league. He also completes passes at a high rate while being the focal point of Charlie Weis’ unpredictable offense. Brady has drawn comparisons to Joe Montana, which, with each passing year, seem to be more and more accurate.

    Others who have to be mentioned when the best of the best at the position are debated include Packers QB Brett Favre, Titans QB Steve McNair, Vikings QB Daunte Culpepper, Jets QB Chad Pennington, Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck.

    We asked a number of people throughout the league for their opinions and got some interesting responses:

    Chiefs OL coach Mike Solari:
    “Peyton Manning. Because of his precision.”

    Buccaneers CB Ronde Barber:
    “I’m going to have to say Tom Brady. Nothing glaringly spectacular about the guy, but he just knows how to play football, he’s calm as heck under pressure, he makes all the throws and he just doesn’t make mistakes. You see other great quarterbacks in this league make a lot of mistakes that lose football games for their teams, and I don’t see that guy doing that.”

    Redskins QB Tim Hasselbeck:
    “Well, obviously I’d have to say my brother (laughs). But honestly, I think it’s hard for anyone to say that somebody’s playing better than Tom Brady. When you’ve won the Super Bowl two out of the last three years and been as productive as he has been, it’s hard to argue with that. People say Joe Montana was the best ever because he won all those Super Bowls and was cool in all those games and brought his team back. They didn’t say it because he had the best stats or the biggest arm or ran around the best or anything like that. So until somebody does what Brady has done the last couple years, he’s got to be considered the best.”

    Jets OL coach Doug Marrone:
    “Chad Pennington. I’d be a fool to say anything else. He has a tremendous understanding of the game, of game situations. He throws a very good, catchable ball and has pinpoint accuracy. He’s aware in pressure situations, reads coverage well and has a very good awareness of what to expect from his receivers — backs, tight ends and obviously the wide receivers.”

    Seahawks OL coach Bill Laveroni:
    “I'll go with our guy (Matt) Hasselbeck. He's a tremendous player, and he's our leader. He's great with our offensive line. He sits with them in meetings, and he takes them out to dinner, even though he doesn't always pay. … Seriously, he's come a long way. I really think he's as good as Peyton (Manning).”

    Titans RB coach Sherman Smith:
    I would never vote against Steve McNair; I can’t because of what the guy does. He goes out there and plays and being hurt as much as he is … I respect his toughness more than anything, let alone his ability to go out there and make plays for us and help us win games. And we just feel so comfortable with him out there. If I had to vote for someone (not on the Titans), it would be Peyton Manning. I have a great deal of respect for him. I love the fact that he is a student of the game, and he elevates the whole team. I just think he makes the difference on that team to me.

    PFW Seahawks correspondent Mike Sando, of the Tacoma News Tribune:
    “I still have to go with Brett Favre. Not only he is the most fun to watch, he's the one QB who can flat-out will his team to a win like nobody else.”

    PFW Buccaneers correspondent Roger Mills, of the St. Petersburg Times:
    “I’m going to go with Donovan McNabb. I really love Donovan McNabb. I know McNair was the co-MVP … I do not think it’s (Peyton) Manning. Manning makes bad plays. He makes tremendous plays, but every game he is guaranteed to throw a pick in the endzone. I like McNabb. It would be McNabb, then maybe a toss-up between Manning and McNair, and then maybe Tom Brady. Well, you’ve got to get Brady in there. The guy wins, and that’s really all that counts. Brady would be in there, and then you have to put Culpepper, because he can throw it.”

    PFW Chiefs correspondent Rick Dean, of the Topeka Capital-Journal:
    “Peyton Manning. When a guy can run an offense that only he can understand, it says a lot. Anybody who can go into Arrowhead and not have to punt in a playoff game, that’s the guy I want on my team. He’s so good at the checks and the changes he makes at the line and even the way he can fool people — that’s a true field general, in my thinking.”

    PFW Jets correspondent Ken Berger, of Newsday:
    “Tom Brady — because he has won two of the last three Super Bowls. His arm strength and ability to move his team down the field are really underrated.”

    PFW Panthers correspondent Scott Fowler, of the Charlotte Observer:
    “I have to go with Tom Brady. He’s so accurate, but then he’s also so big in big games. Other people have better stats every year, but I have to go with the guy who is cool in big games.”

    PFW Cardinals correspondent Darren Urban, of the East Valley Tribune of Mesa, Ariz.:
    “I really like Peyton Manning, but it's hard to vote against Tom Brady right now. He's just so calm, cool and collected and yet so productive at the same time. Maybe if Manning was on a team that had a defense like New England's, the shoe would be on the other foot. But Brady's got to be my pick.”

    PFW 49ers correspondent Kevin Lynch, of the San Francisco Chronicle:
    “I honestly have a hard time choosing between Brady, McNabb and Manning. Brady is just so good in the clutch. But McNabb is so dangerous now with his new target in T.O. (Terrell Owens). And he can do so many different things physically. That's just a real tough question.”

    PFW executive editor Dan Arkush:
    “Brett Favre remains the most proven commodity in my eyes, but Tom Brady is coming up fast. Brady really is so much like a young Joe Montana. You can't go wrong with either one. Peyton Manning is right there in the mix. I love his command in the huddle and his amazing rapport with Marvin Harrison.”

    PFW associate editor Trent Modglin:
    “Peyton Manning comes to mind immediately, and guys like Daunte Culpepper I don’t think are far behind. But I always judge quarterbacks based on how they do in the big games. Isn’t that what’s most important in sports? Right or wrong, I think that’s the common element on how athletes should be compared. And so for this, I have to go with Tom Brady for obvious reasons. He has redefined how to handle pressure and dissect defenses.”

    PFW Bills correspondent Chuck Pollock, of The Times Herald of Olean, N.Y. :
    “Peyton Manning — his approach to the game, his arm, his studiousness and intellect when it comes to the game. I think he comes as close to the whole package, with the exception of mobility, of anybody in the league and certainly is still doing that against defenses that are geared to stop him.”

    PFW Dolphins correspondent Alex Marvez, of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
    “At this point, I’ll take the popular answer and say Tom Brady because he comes through in big games and he’s so comfortable operating New England’s system. You can just tell. I don’t know if there’s any quarterback in the league besides Peyton Manning who looks more comfortable doing what they do in a system.”

    PFW Patriots correspondent Glen Farley, of The Enterprise of Brockton, Mass.:
    “I’m a big Peyton Manning guy, but I guess you’ve got to go with the guy who’s got the rings. And the guy who’s got the rings is No. 12 right here, Tom Brady. A lot of people will say Peyton Manning, but at this point, you’ve got to give it to the guy who has beaten him three times head-to-head in less than a year.”
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    You know, they could have just put this quote at the beginning of the article and saved themselves a ****load of time.

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