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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Manster68, Nov 5, 2005.

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    One thing that has been going through my mind is the adjustments the Eagles are going to make, and the effect that it will have on the other three teams in the NFC East.

    It certainly is tough to think that losing Owens might be a good thing, but we have to take some things in consideration.

    1. Losing Owens will (should) force Andy Reid to increase his committment to the run. I am expecting the offensive line to be better prepared to run block than in the previous weeks of this season. This should also provide better protection for McNabb and his sore ribs. If the running game gets going, then the Eagle offense will be better balanced - and Philly will still be tough to beat.

    Question is - can Philly get the run going? Especially against Washington's and Dallas' defense.

    2. Eagle pride. A team that went to 4 straight championship games just will not fold this easily.
  2. dargonking999

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    The real question is

    do they have a RB?

    westbrook is talented yes, but he is not a 20-25 carry guy, and can the team jsut change what their doing based on one guy, if anything i think this will hurt the eagles, after the sunday night game.

    Why? You already said it. Eagle pride:

    The eagles are a stubburn team, they beilve that 1 guy doesnt make their team. They will refuse to changed how they play just because of one guy. They will try and make a point that they can win without TO, and after the emotion is gone, in the sunday night game they will face a harsh reality against the giants and Dallas.
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    TO was always a threat to score anytime he touches the ball. the other wr's dont have that at all.

    McNabb is playing awful, he may connect some passes to the other guys but no one is going to break one for a long score.

    Westbrook cant run when teams stack against him. he would break nice runs when the pssing game is going and the defense is winded an off balance, but i dont expect a commitment to the run game to produce much, westbrook is a shifty back, not a punishing runner.

    Defense is really hurting too. I think the eagles struggles will continue
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    This isn't about a team folding, this is simply about a team not being good enough. I had a long conversation with a friend and Eagles fan (I forgive him) this afternoon. He told me anyone who is watching the games see that Dawkins has lost a step this year. Lito Sheppard is getting torched in the secondary. They lost Burgess (top 5 in the league in sacks) and Kearse is a non-factor.

    On offense, the offensive line is playing poorly and without TO there are no capable wide receivers. LJ Smith has been adequate but he's not as good as Chad Lewis was when they were making their champions runs the past four seasons. Oh yeah, and the quarterback is hurt and (perhaps therefore?) is as inaccurate as he has been not to mention immobile.

    Sorry for the long rant, but you have to understand that this goes far beyond things like heart and will. The team is in poor shape, not only for this year but for years to come. Add to that the NFC East, which took a huge step forward this year and every game is now a dog fight for them.

    This team could very well be a home dog against the Cowboys on MNF.
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    They have to run. But as someone else stated, they don't have a back that can take the punishment. In addition, no one is going to be scared of thier scrub recievers, so even if they are successful in running the ball it doesn't mean they are going to be able to pass.

    It makes me laugh. This team is done. They can't rebound from this. Regardless of T.O., this team was sliding.....
  6. NewEraCowboy

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    this situation is starting to remind me of the week leading up to the week 2 monday night game against the redskins. Everything was stacked against the skins with Brunnel replacing Ramsey; and even skins fans were questioning the move. Here's to the same thing not happening November 14th in Philly
  7. TheSkaven

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    That's true, and the ultimate irony is that the whole T.O. debacle will give their fans an excuse for the lousy season. But will be their excuse next year? And the year after that?

    IMHO the Giants and Cowboys will be battling it out for the #1 and #2 spots in the NFC East this year. The Giants are the team that I'm worried about - a young quarterback who has shown tremendous upside and improvement, lots of weapons on offense, and a playoff caliber defense.
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    one thing I noticed about the Eagles of note IMO in these past 2 losses, that when they've been behind big, you can see McNabb smiling and joking on the sidelines, well, I only saw it in the Denver game, as I didn't see the Dallas game, they've always been cocky, thinking their talent level will be just enough, and they can come from behind, but it hasn't happened this year since the Chief game, they will only change their fortunes if/when they approach, and get into, games with a sense of urgency...we shall see MOnday Night if they start doing that, I think it's the only way they'll turn their season around, teams in the NFC East have closed the talent gap...
  9. TheSkaven

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    I didn't see him smiling after getting thrashed by the Cowboys, but I did hear him say that even though they lost they were still the most talented team. He actually said it twice, after the loss this year and after the loss in 2003. He was right then, but he's not now.
  10. zack

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    I love to see that smile when they lose. With TO out, it should be a blitz fest on Monday night. Alot of Philly fans are going to the In house jail! In addtion, if A Henry is not ready to play, now we don't have to rush him back. Our backups can cover their scrub receivers...
  11. ghst187

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    I agree with the blitzfest and I DEFINITELY agree that half the disgusting city will be in jail that night. I pray that no Cowboy fans will get attacked at the game because it'll be full freudian frustration-aggression theory on display. Zero class.

    I won't call their other WRs total scrubs. LJ isn't bad, Westbrook will kill you out of the backfield, and this Reggie Brown guy isn't too bad. Sure he's not in the same stratosphere as TO but if you don't cover him, he'll catch it.
    I don't even know who the other dudes are that show up as a "WR" in the program for them, I'm sure they're lovely though.
    Probably more than their WRs, will be McNubb's ability (or inability) to get the ball to anyone downfield. I think that's more the key. If he's still very limited to how far he can throw it and his accuracy is way off again, we'll destroy him. Maybe Arrington will get a good shot on him this weekend and loosen him up for us.
    Honestly, the way McNubb's been playing and his new inability to scramble makes me a little more fearful of him coming out and putting in the backup. McNubb is a known quality. We have no idea what a backup will be able to do or not do. A few years ago, their 3rd stringer came in and was torching teams. I know they're not the same team but still its known vs unknown.
  12. jterrell

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    The Eagles need to simply run the ball.
    If they dont have a back to do it, sign Anthony Thomas for goodness sakes.
  13. Cowboys&Caps

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    i agree 100% with you on that, it will be the Cowboys and the Giants fighting it out until week 17 with the 2nd place team settling for the wild card at 11-5
  14. MichaelWinicki

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    Nicely put. I don't think Westbrook can run either with the defenses not respecting the pass.

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