News: PhilInquirer: It's hard to take Cowboys seriously as a threat to Eagles

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Juke99, Dec 12, 2010.

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    It's hard to take Cowboys seriously as a threat to Eagles
    POSTED: December 12, 2010

    By John Gonzalez

    Inquirer Columnist

    There's nothing wrong with wanting revenge. It's a perfectly natural impulse. It's also tricky. There's an expiration date with these things.

    Let's say you have a beef with someone bigger and tougher, and that someone deals you a beating in public - not once or twice, but three times. After you mend and get stronger and prepare to settle things, you might go looking for the aforementioned foe.

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    Not take Dallas as a serious threat? We are going to spoil the Eagirls chances of making the playoffs!
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    His own readers the Eagles fans turned on this guy for that article. He must have went to the same journalism school as some of our media guys.
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    Considering how the Cowboys beat the NFC East leading Giants and beat the Colts and were just a hair away from beating the defending Super Bowl champs, how can anyone say the Cowboys couldn't be thought of as a threat to the Eagles?

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