Phladelphia, DE//DT Victor Abiamiri has a torn ACL.

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dmq, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Report: Eagles' Victor Abiamiri has torn ACL
    8/4/2011 11:16:56 AM | More

    According to Howard Eskin of 610 WIP in Phladelphia, DE//DT Victor Abiamiri has a torn ACL.
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    Trade them Igor for Samuel
  3. Sam I Am

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    He is just depth, so while it does hurt them. They didn't lose a starter.
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    Pity. That's two down for the season, unless Patterson can come back from brain surgery.
  5. dmq

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    Abiamiri ruptures Achilles; Sapp missing and notes
    BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- The Eagles' defensive line suffered a few more losses when defensive ends Victor Abiamiri ruptured his right Achilles tendon and Ricky Sapp left training camp.

    Abiamiri was spotted on crutches and wearing a boot over his lower right leg Wednesday. The Eagles have declined to update his condition, but the Achilles injury means that his season is over and possibly his injury-riddled career.

    Sapp's absence was unexplained, although the team did confirm that he is no longer with the team. A second-year player, Sapp spent last season on injured reserve. Last year at training camp he left for half of a day only to return.

    While the loss of Abiamiri and Sapp gives the Eagles two less defensive ends, they have bigger issues at defensive tackle. It's so bad that Charlie Noonan, an undrafted rookie that was sitting on his couch in Ardmore yesterday, was the starting right defensive tackle during Thursday's practice.

    Noonan was thrust onto the first team because the Eagles were without regulars Mike Patterson, Trevor Laws and Antonio Dixon. Patterson suffered a seizure on Wednesday and is still being evaluated by doctors, although he is believed to have a brain condition called arteriovenous malformation (AVM). Laws has a hip flexor injury. And Dixon suffered a knee strain on Thursday.

    Cullen Jenkins, signed as a free agent on Saturday, can't practice until Friday.

    Down to just a few able defensive tackles, the Eagles signed Noonan and Brandon Collier Wednesday night and had them at practice the following day. After Dixon injured his knee, Noonan joined undrafted rookie Cedric Thornton on the first team.

    "I didn't expect that," Noonan said.

    I almost thought they were talking about Danny Noonan. That's when you know you are out of options.
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    You're getting a chance to become part of an NFL squad, first team reps, and you're response is "I didn't expect that"???
  7. Mash

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    2nd rd pick a few years ago?

    career backup?

    now a ACL tear?

    The Genius FO they have..... are taking couch potatoes off the streets to play?

    Come on "Dream Team" can do better then that...
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    Well I don't wish injury on anybody but it has like some media personnel has said they might three outstanding CB but if you can't get to the qb then you will get burned. CB's can't cover all day.
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    That's a shame you never wanna see someone get hurt, but as someone else mentioned he's not a starter so it shouldn't hurt them too much.
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    not sure what the issue is there.

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