Pics from last nights "Quarterback Bowl" featuring Aikman vs Staubach

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by DallasCowpoke111, Apr 21, 2006.

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    The wife and I went to this last night, last minute as we had to be at Love Field to drop off her coworker shortly before it started.

    We got there about 10 mins after it started and our seats for the 1st half were high in the lower bowl. But we invaded some vacant seats down low after the 1/2.

    Was a kick to see how intense the guys got apparently from the first snap when Aikman was blitzed by an untouched Greggo. He got pissed and barked pretty good at Greggo.

    Staubach got laid out on their opening drive by one of the 14 or so listeners who'd won an auction to be one of the team members. He didn't get up for a good 30 seconds or so.

    All in all, it was a hoot. Team Staubach defeats Team Aikman 21-14

    Team Staubach had Rog, Hershall Walker and Drew Pearson

    Team Aikman had Troy, Moose Johnston, Novacheck and a late arriving "Playmaker".

    Dorsett was also there as a "coach".
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    Wow, that looks like it was a blast. Thanks for the pictures.
  3. bbgun

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    Nice pix. I've never seen so many out-of-shape bodies on one field.
  4. acheman

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    That is a crap load of pictures for one event.:eek:
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    Sweet pictures, thanks for sharing.
  6. Raneiron#31

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    Great pics Ive just got one thing to say Novachecks shorts crack me up.
  7. cowboys#1

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    classic staubach!
    looks like he can still play, jerry sign him up!
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    More Desperadoes cheerleader pics?
  9. Big D

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    Yeeeah man! Roger still has it! He's looking really good these days.

    I'm not mad @ this one:


    Great pix , thanks for sharing.
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    Awesome pictures! Man, Walker looks like he could suit up tomorrow!
  11. TruBlueCowboy

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    Great pics! I love it how old the "old men" beat Aikman and the rest of the 90's players. As much as I'm a fan of Aikman, he's the only Triplet I'd replace in a heartbeat with a legend from the past. Staubach will always be the #1 QB in Dallas.
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    That's me on the front row on the left side of the pic (not the girl!). I'm famous!!

    It was a great game. Lots of fun...
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    Anyone think the young'uns let the old timers win? Since they have the upper hand in Super Bowl victories and all, they might have just let the old guys hold onto to some dignity.:D
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    Guys get the rope.....

    Thanks for the pics. I would love to get the chance to meet Roger. He is the reason why I am a Cowboy fan.
  15. cowboyeric8

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    How many pros played in it?
  16. sacase

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    Troy Mike and Walker all look like they can still bad troy hurt his head. He would be perfect right about now.
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    Roger, Drew Pearson and Herschel were on the Hardline's Team while Troy, Michael Irvin, Moose and Novacek were on the Muser's team.
  18. SteveOS

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    Nice pictures, thanks for sharing. Aikman looks like he can go another few years. :)
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    Both teams held tryouts where several hundred people showed up. They each picked one player from the tryouts for their roster. Both of their guys were VERY good flag football players.

    Well last night, Irvin showed up and wanted to play. They hadn't planned on him playing so to make it fair, the younguns had to give the old guys their tryout player. This made a HUGE difference. The old guys had Hershel and the two tryout guys with big time speed and skill. The younguns only had Irvin (with all due respect to Moose and Novacek... neither was a blazer). So the "old guys" had a 3 to 1 REAL player advantage and they were running right past them.
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    Man those guys look old.

    I wonder if any of them had their shorts pulled up high enough.. :p

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