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    I will be moving end of this month to between the two buildings on the left side of the above picture...


    different view

    a bit on Merklingen

    Merklingen, was mentioned for the first time 1075 as "Marchilingen" under the places in which the monastery possessed goods. Merklingen belonged to the count von Calw, when his line became extinct around 1260 the counts von Eberstein and Zweibruecken possessed it till 1276 than Lehen at the rheinischen Pfalzgrafen Count Ludwig. 1296 acquired the monastery Herrenalb yard, Vogtrecht and Niedergerichtsbarkeit. In 1469 his line was finally in the possession of the whole of Merklingen. 1496 forced duke Eberhard von Wuerttemberg the monastery subjects and others from the upper office Merklingen to recognize the wuerttembergische national glory. The building grouping with the old monastic yard, that in former times was the Roman Remigius church, which was again built after a fire 1425, is a particularly valuable historical building, and built in the early gothic style as a 3 story stone house. The cluster of buildings was in former times doubly walled and surrounded with a water ditch. The wall was again rebuilt/refurbished in 1983 and the ditch was again open.
    **translated from German**
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    beautiful looking town. That's why I love European countries, alot of rich history that's just popping out at you.

    However, the red light district in Amsterdam is another story :lmao:

    In my city, we just have brick houses and the roads are filled with Ford Mustangs, Camaros, and Ferraris. I think everyone from our city should surrender $1000 each. Maybe it'll go to something more important than gas..
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    Be safe

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