Pittsburg 35 Dallas 31...Super Bowl XIII

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Juke99, Jan 25, 2005.

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    Normally, I'd post this in the history zone but since I watched it last night on ESPN CLassic, it's like current news to me...also things are kinda slow around here...

    I have a DVD of this game but this was an NFL films long version that I had never seen before. Players were questioned about specific plays...very interesting stuff.

    One of the things that came across, clearly, is that Bradshaw, Harris, Blier, Swann, LC Greenwood really have HUGE egos...they actually came across as sore winners..

    Anyway...from the point of Jackie Smith's drop with approx 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter...to the TD that put the Steelers up 35-17 at approx 7 minutes in teh 4th quarter, the Steelers were the beneficiary of every of break that one could imagine.

    Starting with Smith's drop...no need to elaborate, we've all seen it enough times...Staubach, unlike Bradshaw, being the class act he is, blamed himself for the play saying that he "took a little off" the throw which he shouldn't have done.

    Pittsburg then went on a drive and caught the ultimate break on Fred Swearingen's HORRIBLE PI call vs Benny Barnes...there was an official RIGHT ON TOP OF the play, just a few feet away from Swan and Barnes, and he emphatically signaled incomplete pass....Swearingen was in the middle of the field, 10 yards further away and threw the flag. Bad bad call. In fact the next season, the "incidental contact" rule was put in place because of this play.

    Next disaster, same drive..on third and 4 from the Dallas 17, Henderson sacked Bradshaw...the officials called a delay of game on the Steelers....so instead of 4th and 12...it's 3rd and 9.

    On the very next play, Harris and Waters called a defensive alignment to confuse Bradshaw...Bradshaw was in fact confused and thought the Cowboys were blitzing...in fact, they weren't...so, Bradshaw runs Franco Harris on a draw on 3rd and 9...Waters is right in line to make the tackle but instead, the ref gets in his path and Waters ends up tackling the ref...TD Franco Harris. Cliff Harris said this play STILL haunts him because of how much of a fluke it was.

    Pittsburg kicks off...Gerela NEVER meant to squib the kickoff...this was commented on by the players in last night's program...the camera shows an angle of Gerela clearing slipping and almost falling as he makes contract with the ball...and of course, who does the ball go to? Randy White, who was wearing a cast on his left hand. As taught, he switches the ball away from the tacklers, who were on him in an instant. Unfortunately, it's his broken hand and he loses the ball.

    Pittsbury recovers.

    Next play, TD pass to Swann.

    6:51 left in the game.

    Staubach then marched the team 89 yards in 8 plays, 4:24 minute drive. Pittsburg 35 Dallas 24.

    Staubach marched the team 59 yards in 9 plays 2:01 minute drive
    Pittsburg 35 Dallas 31.

    There were alot of concerned faces on that Steeler sideline, especially for a bunch of guys who were speaking in a such cocky manner about the game many years later.

    Pittsburg recovered the onside kick. Game over.

    Huge loss especially considering how different the Cowboys of the 70's would have been viewed..and how several more of their players would have made it to the Hall of Fame.


    I had nightmares after watching this...makes the Steelers loss to the Pats even sweeter in retrospect.
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    Those 70's losses to the steelers were easily some of the saddest memories I had as a kid growing up. Compound that with the fact my brother is a huge steelers fan and the rest of my family were not cowboy fans (so of course that makes them cowboy haters). I really don't think I could watch either of those games again.

    But on the flip side it made the superbowl 30 win over the steelers that much more sweeter. And, yes, all the steelers playoff losses since then (particularly at home in the AFC Championship games) I took a big enjoyment out of. Hell, I hate the thought of the Pats matching our 3 rings in 4 yrs as any dallas fan should but after they embarrased the steelers and if they can keep the iggles from getting their 1st ring I say be my guest.. I find it funny that all of Philly seems to act like they are automatically "champs" now and the "monkey is off their back" just by winning the NFC.
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    Absolutely agree with all the comments in this thread. If you were pulling for the Steelers this past Sunday you must not have suffered through those losses to the Steelers in the Super Bowls. A couple of the lowest points in my time following the Boys.
    Those losses definitely made Super Bowl XXX much sweeter.

    Also, I remember seeing the NFL Films version of that game and the impression I was left with more than anything was what a competitor Staubach was in that game. He absolutely left everything he had on that field. For my $$, I wouldn't take any QB of any era over my man, Roger!!
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    Ok Juke...thanks for opening old wounds. I just about cryed after that loss and went off by myself because I just didn't want to be around people. I can still see that dropped pass in the end zone as clearly as the day it happened.
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    Ummmmmmm, you forgot the part about, "plus I'm a Mod, and I can post whatever, wherever I want, then sort it out later", didn't you?? :p
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    I remember a lot of those plays from watching the original game (SB XIII), Juke, as I'm sure you and a lot of others do. It was horrible officiating to say the least. While I'm generally not one to believe that referees can be "bought", I have a strong suspicion it happened here.

    Do you remember SB X where the Steelers did not get called for a single penalty in the whole game. Not even when one of their guys sucker punched one of our players in the kidneys on his way back to the huddle. The referrees were the deciding factor in two of those SBs.
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    The game was on at 3AM or there abouts, last night...I fell asleep with the TV on..woke up and the game was on...kinda strange..

    The Smith drop was, no doubt, BIG...but the series of fluke plays after that were mind numbing

    Uh...sorry for bringing up the memories...I'll still take that game over the bunch of duds we had this season. :)
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    Actually, I had to get permission from Winicki...

    That and I bought him some new flavors for his SnowCone machine. :)

    OK...I'll move the thread soon...actually we've been kinda hungry for material and have been a bit "looser" with our mod activity....
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    Yep...and the players were BEGGING Landry to let them swing back at the Steelers that day...but he didn't want them to lose their focus...

    I"ve not been one to blame anti Cowboy bias for losses...but my my my, those two games against the Steelers, we were playing against the Steelers and the refs.
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    Yeah we were. The pass interferance call on Benny Barnes against the precious Lynn Swann was as bogus a call as ever was. Benny swears that Pete Rozell appologized to him for it in private later on.
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    As he should have..........Those Pitt. SBs.......I still have nightmares
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    Thanks to my local cable company being the brilliant aggies they are I now have the E network intead of ESPN Classic. Morons.
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    ** sharpening razor blade, wiping away a tear and typing note blaming Juke for bringing up one of the most painful times of her sports childhood.**

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    I saw that last Friday on ESPN...

    :hammer: They got WAY too many breaks...

    Remember the "Immaculate Reception" vs. Oakland one year... What you don't see is the ball hitting the ground when Harris grabs it... they win the game and go to the SB because of that drive...

    Those were VERY painful memories... someone earlier said no self-respecting Cowboy fan could have rooted for Pittsburgh last week... I concur...

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