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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bleu Star, Jan 1, 2007.

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    I'm amazed at how things turn in just a week. Last week the tide on the board was "TO sucks". This week the board has finally accepted what I was trying to say weeks ago about the coaches (specifically that tool Zimmer). Now, I will admit, I steadfastly defend that which is TO because I believe we have a tremendous talent that we just haven't tapped properly. I didn't start seeing the quick slants and short crosses run until this week. 16 weeks into the season!... That's not the only indictment on our coaching staff.

    It has been my contention all along that this year is not different that the last three years. Our coaches have amassed a talent pool but they have no freaking idea what to do with it. They've gotten away with this so long this year because other distractions helped to mask the real issues. Namely Terrell Owens. Most of you were/are right when you say TO should just shut up and catch the ball. I agree. When he's not propping himself up and just doing what he does on the field thee is no denying his worth. I hope he continues to do more of that whether it be only for the playoffs or also going into next season.

    Enough about TO. I only pointed to him to preface this. Now that there are no other distractions the coaching staff's deficiencies stick out like a sore thumb. they've had 4 years to put it all together. The final results are in. They stink. We truly have a load of talent on this team but it's not complete. The biggest thing I noticed when Philthy smacked us around was the size and sheer beastliness of their offensive line. The offseason needs to bring more talent to the line if Romo is going to have a chance to succeed in this league. I love guys like Columbo, Gurode, and Flozell but after that what else do we really have? Flozell is adequate but loves those false starts (discipline/coaching). We have got to make that the first strength of our team this offseason.

    Our coaching is sorely lacking the intestinal fortitude and know how to get these players focused and going. IMHO we need a fiery HC in here. Someone that's known for motivation. Heck, if Parcells was 10 years younger I wouldn't be sitting here writing this right now. The reality is that his dated approach to coaching this game is starting to fall apart at the seams. Jerry also needs to let that coach have the freedom to bring in his guys. We need to take long hard looks at everything. We need a true offensive coordinator that possesses the ability to be dynamic with his offense and isn't afraid to make changes on the fly. We need a defensive coordinator that preaches aggressiveness and not passiveness.

    I have a feeling a new HC would come in and not be totally sold on Romo. I see a new HC wanting to get someone in to push Romo and make him compete for his job. What do you guys think of that? There's no doubt Romo has benefited from being under the wing of Parcells for 4 years. I believe that a couple of improvements to the Oline would go a long way in helping with Romo's progression. What are the thoughts on a new HC and what that spells for Romo?

    The defense? That side of the ball is a real mess. From our lack of pass rush to our ability to give up the big play. Oh how the mighty have fallen when we can't even get the 2-13 Detroit Lions off the field. Where can you start? I like to point to Bradie James because he was setup to be the plug in the middle and he just has not been doing it. He'll have the occasional big hit here or there but for the most part he doesn't hawk the ball like you would want your "premier" ILB to do. Jason Hatcher showed some promise yesterday. Bobby Carpenter showed more promise. I think Carpenter is going to really surprise some folks come next year. Once he gets a full offseason workout program under his belt look out folks. The talent is there. We have talent throughout our defense but they are just not playing up to their billing. Dware cannot carry the other 10 guys on his back. With a new coach comes new ideals so don't be surprised to see Carp made an immediate starter and another fast LB brought in by way of FA or the draft. More emphasis needs to be placed on speed. We made our bed with Bradie James so we just have to lie in it I guess. I stand by my belief that the defense is loaded with talent but lacks the leadership to tap into the fullest potential of that talent.

    It's the same old tune for the 4th year in a row and I have been tired of hearing it for weeks now.
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    Nice post.

    There are a lot of parts to the problem with the Cowboys.

    Coaching is part of it. Parcells is older and at the stage that would require the energy of young dynamic assistant coaches. The Cowboys just don't have the right mix. Changes have to be made. Perhaps at head coach. Perhaps only with the assistants. But changes must be made.

    The Cowboys have some "can't live with them, can't live without them" players in Roy Williams, Flozell Adams, perhaps also Spears (given his play so far) and Julius Jones (although he is more expendible). They are part of the problem too.
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    Excellent post Sir........I would have to concur.
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    What are your thoughts on how the next HC might approach Romo?

    a. Accept him as the starter and bring in a quality vet backup.
    b. bring in FA competition for him and make him earn his spot.
    c. draft a QB.

    I kinda worry about this. I think Romo is the guy. He just needs some more Oline work in front of him. Perhaps Jerry would preface any new HC hire with "First of all, Romo is the starter. Now feel free to build around him."
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    You bring up some excellent points. I think some players have been skirting by on name alone. It's time for everyone to be accountable for their actions. Or lack thereof.

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    Really good post... but it is somewhat taboo right now... we are IN the playoffs....

    The WHOLE organization can right MANY ships in this playoff run.... I am banking on THAT!

    Happy New POST-Season! We are 0-0
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    I love your optimism. Unfortunately we've backed into the playoffs. Anything can happen. I totally agree. However, I am of the strong opinion that these coaches need to exit stage left. Let's hope they shut me up and get to the Super Bowl.
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    Good post. Minus the owens part of course.:)

    If it only were as easy for the coaches to figure this out as it seems to be for us arm chair guys.
    Lack of emotion from Parcells I think comes from frustration produced by watching the same mistakes by this team. Roy missing tackles going for the big hit, O line completely breaking down on any given play.Excetera, excetera.....

    These players are paid well to execute what the coaches give them. Lately I don't see that happening, what has changed? Most have been complaining about play calling for a few years now, That didn't really seem to be the problem after Bledsoe was sat. Same plays one different player.

    The defense ranked well and stopped teams. Even after Ellis went down.
    Same scheme, one different player.

    Creativity seems to be our problem. We have been figured out and haven't made the strides to change.
    Now the question becomes are the players to dumb to execute any thing we try to change or is the coaching staff to scared to change?

    We had sacks yesterday, some good pressure. We also had a ton of mental errors. The mental errors take away any thing productive.

    As far as a new HC and Romo. Bring in any body you want. I think Tony could beat them.
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    Thanks. ;)

    Yep. I am of the same opinion. Romo is a gamer. Get him an improved oline asap. This offensive line fooled me into believing they were improving during the meat of the season. Then they reverted back to their old form the last few weeks. It's really quite disgusting to watch.
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    I think we have something special in Romo. However, anyone who doesn't have a pocket to pass from will look like $%!#. The fact that Romo hasn't looked as good the last few weeks is more a result of pisspoor OL blocking and playing from behind because the defense sucks.

    If there is one bright spot on this is Tony Romo.

    IMO/FWIW of course.
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    That is all I see too.

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