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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by morasp, Apr 8, 2005.

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    Here is a list of players I would get excited to see as Cowboys come Monday after the draft. I'm using the Sporting News Draft Guide since it's about as good as any of the others I've read. All these players Come From big schools, the've been productive on the field, have played through injuries, have football intelligence, and are high character.

    David Pollack DE 6-2.25 260 4.70: in four years at Georgia 36 sacks, 117 quarterback pressures, 58 tackles for loss.

    Luis Castillo DT 6-2.75 305 4.94: Best run stopping DT in the draft.

    Barrett Ruud ILB 6-1 240 4.65: Best ILB against the outside run.

    Dustin Fox FS 5-10 5/8 190 4.50: Best Press Technique and Best in Man coverage.

    Darren Sproles RB 5-5.75 185 4.49: Another Dave Meggett type that would be an exciting third down back and could also return kicks.
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    On Ruud we have a LB in Dat Nguyen that's as good as any not named Ray Lewis in the NFL. He can stuff the run and play the pass well. And he's probably about 28 or 29 if I were to guess so he has quite a few years left. We need pass rushing DEs or LBs not run stoppers. That's why I don't really want Pollack. He's good and he'll be solid in the NFL. But he's not a pass rusher in the NFL IMO. I know he had all those stats at Georgia but I'm not sure they translate to the NFL game because he's not all that skilled. He would be a player that gave is all though. Sproles is solid too but don't we already have a smallish quick back with moves in Jones? I think we need maybe a RB to counter that with some physical presence. I think Eddie George is fine there for now, although I don't know if he accepts that role. I wouldn't mind having a run stopping DT just but I think our pass coverage and pass rush d needs to be improved the most.
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    I believe that Eddie has been released, but in any event, neither he nor the coaching staff were happy with his performance and role last season.
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    I should have said this, I think were going to a 3-4 and see Pollack as a rush OLB in that scheme. Thats's also why we need Ruud. I agree on the big back, heard they looked at Shelton from Louisville. I liked Bickerstaff before he got hurt, haven't heard how his rehab is going. This list doesn't address all our needs, these were just hard working football players that I think will be productive in the NFL.
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    liek Pollack (especially at 20 or if we're lucky a little later) and love Sproles in the 4th or late 3rd (if we acquire a 3rd) but the other 3 guys you listed are guys I wouldnt want


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