Players you've wanted (now or past)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 65fastback2plus2, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. LocimusPrime

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    Harrison smith
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  2. haleyrules

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    Jamaal Charles and JJ Watt.
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  3. Tristan

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    Yeah I remember the whole rocket canada deal, broke my heart, and jimmy tried to say they traded up for russell all along.
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    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I wanted Deion before title game debacle where we spotted 49ers 21 points in first 12 minutes of first quarter.
    We got him.
    A year later but still got him to help win XXX.

    I wanted Randy moss. Not sure what would have happened. He never won it... even with Brady. So....

    I wanted Galloway. Got him. Too late and disaster.

    Rocket Ismail. Got him. Too late. Already falling apart.

    I wanted Peppers.
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  5. LocimusPrime

    LocimusPrime Well-Known Member

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    Devonta Freeman , Julio jones, and Sanu
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  6. fishspill

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    I like the idea of getting of getting top 1% of 1% of NFL athletes when they are FAs in their 30s, to a degree. Charles Woodson, Julius Peppers, Adrian Peterson. Gambles I like taking.
  7. numnuts23

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    This one was mine as well...ugh
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  8. negativecreep

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    I'm sure somebody already mentioned it, but have to admit I was pissed when we passed on Steven Jackson, that's who I wanted. Still I saw Jones run for 200 and whatever else, I went to that game against Seattle with my dad and still have two newspapers from the day after.
  9. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    Drew Brees is the first one that comes to my mind...He was really something at Purdue and i knew it would carry over to the next level.
  10. js66

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    Players I wanted....


    Deion Sanders as a FA
    Calvin Johnson
    Honey Badger
    Dez Bryant
    Janoris Jenkins
    Julio Jones
    Desean Jackson
    Patrick Peterson
    David DeCastro
    Demarco Murray

    Have Potential
    Frank Clark
    Tevin Coleman
    Jalen Ramsey
    Derick Henry - Wanted to go Ramsey in the 1st, Henry in the 2nd
    Randy Gregory - Not looking good, but haven't given up
    Jonathon Cooper in 2013 - Had/has so much potential

    James Hardy - 6' 5" WR thought he'd be a red zone monster, went in 2nd round to Buffalo, 10 receptions
    Limas Sweed - 6' 4" WR 7 Receptions for Pittsburgh
    Gabe Carimi - thought he could be our RT for many years
    Terrence Cody - huge run stuffer, just ended up being huge
    Taylor Mays - I'm partial to safeties and DB's with speed, Mays had that and apparently not much else

    Others I've wanted
    Darren McFadden in 2008 - He looked amazing in college
    Chris Johnson - Ran a blazing 40, alright career, think he could have done more
    Mario Manningham - Just seemed to make plays in college and slipped to mid rounds amid issues
    Morris Claiborne - Thought Jerry scored when that happened, thought we had another Patrick Peterson
    Jimmy Garoppolo - Romo like qualities, from Romo's school, who better to teach him
    Rey Lewis as a FA in 2009 - Thought his leadership, film study and attitude could teach our defense
    Mike Iupati ans Chance Warmack - Wanted to rebuild the line, thought these were good options
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  11. negativecreep

    negativecreep Well-Known Member

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    I really wanted Iupati, that's coming from a Boise State fan, he was tough to move or do anything against at Idaho. I felt the same way about Mo and Garoppolo.
  12. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    I wanted us to draft Steven Jackson when he was there at the bottom of round 1. I wanted to throw up when Parcells kept trading down and took Julius Jones in round 2.

    Jackson could have changed that decade for the Cowboys if paired with Romo and Witten.
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