Plenty of mistakes on punt return TD

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    Dec 4


    PM CT

    By Todd Archer |

    So what happened?

    “We were going to directionally kick in that situation and Line One in that situation is don’t get the thing blocked,” coach Jason Garrett said. “So the protection is first and foremost and the punter needs to catch the thing and punt it and get it out of there as quickly as he can. We wanted to punt that thing out of bounds. Unfortunately, we didn’t. It was long and high and deep right down the middle, the classic ‘outkick your coverage.’ The punt wasn’t good enough. It was not where we wanted the punt to be, and Brian (Moorman) knows that. We talked to him about that. And the other part about that is even though the coverage was outkicked, we didn’t tackle very well on the play. Guys had opportunities to make tackles and we didn’t make them and that was an important play in the ballgame. It gave them a chance with under a minute to go to get back in the game. We did a good job of handling the hands’ team. (Jason Witten) did a good job, the protection in front of him was good so we were able to ice the game at that point. That punt return should not have happened, and there were a lot of different reasons for it.”

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    All that to say that yet again our special teams is pretty pitiful.
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    That punt return was almost as long as all of our opponents other punt returns this season combined. It went 98 yards, and the rest of our punts have been returned for a total of 105 yards.
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    Good breakdown on what happened there. Moorman has made some crucial bad punts this season. Miss our pro bowler...
  5. Rynie

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    Yeah. I agree. Joe D has to go.
  6. CowboysYanksLakers

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    It was a pathetic effort honestly... It wasn't anything more than letting up when you thought the game was in the bag.
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    Yeah. After some shuffling, the coverage units had been good. It was pretty deflating to see after so many solid coverage games.
  8. Idgit

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    Has he? What other games? I consider him a godsend under the circumstances.
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    Not entirely sure how that happens.

    Wasn't an angled kick and totally outkicked the coverage.

    Basically a perfect kick to return a punt. Right down the middle and gave the PR about 30 yards of room in front of him to work with when he started going upfield.

    And then the circus attempts at tackling.
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    The one that comes to mind is the Browns game - 4th quarter, out of our own endzone and it was a short punt that was returned about twenty yards then a 15 yard penalty brought the ball in the redzone, then the Browns scored on the first play. It was a high pressure punt that he did not execute well.

    All in all he has played well, but high pressure punts are something to keep an eye on...
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    The ST's units as a whole (other than Bailey) have stunk since Joe D got his neck broke. He must have something on Jerrah.
  12. unsportsmanlikeconduct

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    Coach 'em up, coach!:bang2:
  13. goshan

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    I like the candor from
  14. noshame

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    If things continue to go poorly, you be hearing a lot of candor from everybody;)
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    Yes, he has played well - EXTREMELY well---and anybody who doesn't think that he is an exceptional punter - obviously doesn't know the punting game.

    Not liking the fact that NOW Garrett seems to be all about throwing players under the bus --how many freaking INT's can Romo throw, etc? I am sick of special teams' players getting slammed all of the time.

    One thing that Garrett said was true - it was some pitiful tackling. If you go back and look at it --the coverage unit was there within a few seconds AND would have had him trapped with about a 7 yard gain....however, he ran in circles around players AND the only one who stood a chance to catch him WAS Moorman (and he was held while running down the field.)
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    Also, (while I'm on a roll) - Moorman prefers his snaps to be high and on the right --not exactly something that has been happening in Dallas - this is not knocking the snapper, it is just something that is hard to adjust to after years of receiving the snap a certain way.

    (from articles from the Bills' site about the Sanborn, Lindell and Moorman connections)

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