Police hunt for robbers wearing thongs as masks

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    ARVADA, Colo. — Police in a Colorado town are searching for two robbers whose masks showed plenty of fashion sense but little modesty: women's thong underwear.

    A surveillance video released this week by police in Arvada, Colo., shows two unarmed men inside the convenience store. They stole an undisclosed amount of cash and cigarettes in the robbery May 16.

    One man wore a green thong and the other wore blue. Each thong barely covered the man's nose, mouth and chin and left the rest of his face exposed. One also wore a pink backpack in which he stuffed the stolen items.

    The suspects also wore T-shirts and pants and were described as in their 20s. One had a left arm tattoo.
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    Idiots :laugh2:
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    They will probably end up on one of those World's Dumbest Criminals shows.
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    Who wants to bet the thongs were stolen in a "snatch and grab" robbery?
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    Elsewhere in the news:

    A Jefferson County Sheriff's deputy was sent to a home on the 11000 block of West Burgundy Avenue on a report of a disturbance at 9:44 April 26. The deputy spoke to a 35-year-old man who said he was in an argument with his 28-year-old girlfriend about what the first word in the dictionary is. The man said he thought the first word was "aardvark"and his girlfriend thought it was the word "a". The man said the argument became loud, but there was no physical violence during the debate. The deputy spoke to the woman who confirmed the story. The deputy determined no crime was committed.

    And for Hos:

    MINNEAPOLIS - A convicted felon who became a motivational speaker - and used his life experiences to warn teens about the dangers of drugs and crime - is accused of going on a bender, threatening to kill his girlfriend and her son, and smashing a former prison buddy in the face with a statue of John Wayne.

    Authorities said Russell Simon Jr. was jailed on attempted murder charges after the events following his relapse into drugs and booze. According to a criminal complaint, a night of drinking with the prison buddy on May 15 led to Simon stripping off his clothes, fighting with the friend and firing shots at him and Simon's girlfriend.

    At one point Simon hit the man in the face with the John Wayne statue, according to the complaint.
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    Wonder if this is Kentucky? Sounds like something that would happen around here. :D
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    ....Or would that be a "grab a snatch" robbery?
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    That is just strange.:confused:

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