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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chrissyboy, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Chrissyboy

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    What are the opinions towards picking up K Josh huston as an FA.

    49 of 70 kickoffs for touchbacks. Made a 57yd field goal last season (ed: sorry in 2004) (Ohio State)

    Likely developmental prospect - while kicking off?
  2. Word Mofo

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    Sounds good to me. It's been too long since we've had a kick go through the back of the end zone :(
  3. VACowboy

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    Kurt Smith, Virginia.
  4. TheEnigma

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    Everybody keeps talking about this kickoff specialist. While I wont contest us bringing in another kicker for TC, I just don't see us carrying a guy who only does kickoffs into a game.
  5. Chrissyboy

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    Didn't he get selected by San Diego?
  6. Chrissyboy

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    Does appear to be something of a luxury. I am concerned about Vandy's leg strength.

    I trust BP in any case.
  7. silverbear

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    Drafted in the 7th round...

    Huston and Scifres are the two logical remaining candidates, and I'd prefer Huston...
  8. Fred Smith

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    Yesterday at one point when we had 2 number 6's and 2 number 7's, I was hoping we would end up with the kid from Memphis (Grabowski?). Unfortunately, he was drafted in the 4th by N.E. to replace Vinatieri. I agree that Huston and Scifres are the two best left. Vanderjagt has not kicked off in Indy for several years, and is 36 years old. I also hate tying up another roster spot on a 2nd kicker, but a guy who can get you touchbacks in the NFL on a consistent basis is worth his weight in gold and is worth a game day roster spot. We may have a problem in attracting Huston or Scifres in that these guys want to be regular NFL kickers, not just kickoff specialists. They will see that we have Vanderjagt and will probably sign elsewhere. That's why I wanted to see us draft one of these guys in the 7th round. Huston would have been much more valuable than either of the OL we picked in the 7th.
  9. stasheroo

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    I'd like to sign Huston as well. Not just for kickoff distance, but to prevent Vanderjagt from possibly getting hurt trying to kickoff. That would put the team right back where they were last year.
  10. Chrissyboy

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    Thanks Fred / Stash. I hadn't thought that deeply about it! I was hoping we could entice him based on the guarantee that he will be on the roster due to his kickoff skills, and the potential to take the long FG attempts. This woud be the nurturing process, gaining experience, showcasing......

    Eventually either to take over from Vandy..... or to replace him! Vandy v expensive if Huston proves he can handle the dutie???

    Wishful thinking! I assume someone will already have snagged him!
  11. PullMyFinger

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    I dont know about a kicker, but there is a punter from Adams state called Jeff Williams that kicks boomers. 47 yard average, has kicked 70 yarders, and has kicked 45 yard shanks. Sheesh.
  12. Murph80

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    Huston signed with Chicago

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