Possible Solution to Big Cable/NFL Network Dispute

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Football247, Oct 30, 2007.

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    State Senator Kim Brimer (Fort Worth) and State Representative Corbin Van Arsdale (Houston) have announced today that they’re willing to take action to make sure that Texas football fans get access to the games they want most.

    Brimer and Van Arsdale are willing to introduce legislation mandating the Public Utilities Commission to establish a third party resolution process (arbitration) if Texas cable operators and NFL Network can’t resolve their current dispute on whether the Network should be offered as part of operator’s standard cable service.

    Cable operators want fans to pay an additional fee somewhere between $4 to $10 per month to get the channel despite the fact the NFL Network is only charging operators two cents per day per customer (around .60 cents per month) for access.

    But it’s not unusual for cable operators like Time Warner and Comcast to discriminate against independently-owned programming like the NFL Network in favor of programming they own by forcing customers to pay for them.

    Have you ever wondered why you have at least three home shopping networks? Big cable gets a cut of what they sell that’s why!

    If this situation is not resolved, Cowboys fans that are cable subscribers and live outside the Dallas area will miss the Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers later this year because the games are on the NFL Network.

    Senator Brimer is going to be on KRLD AM 1800 in Dallas tomorrow morning between 11:05 and 11:15 to discuss the issue and the possible legislation. Please tune to see what he has to say.

    It’s time fans get access to the channels they want most. It’s time to force cable operators like Time Warner and Comcast to come to the negotiating table and give independently-owned channels like the NFL Network a fair shake.
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    Goose said that the NFL owners have appointed Jerry to be the guy to get the issue resolved with the cable owners so they will start showing the NFLN. Jerry was supposedly meeting with the CEO of Comcast last week. I would be pretty shocked if something isn't worked out before the 2008 season.
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    I hope it is done soon. Last year I had our neighbor tape the Atlanta game for us. We had to offer him some breakfest tacos and other assorted sundries for his time, but it was all worth it when we got the tape.

    We sat down that night after dilagently keeping from knowing the outcome. I was forbidden to go to any internet sight that might contain the score, and we didn't watch any television. Then, somewhere in the 3rd quarter, the tape ran out. Our neighbor hadn't used extended play while recording.

    This year we have a neighbor that has offered to let us watch the games on his television. Hopefully Jerry can "get er done" and it wont be an issue.

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    Cable is about to get served by the Phone companies that are silently wiring fiber to house. At same time DTV is pawning them in the sky.

    Fios in my market is the rage and they have bandwith to shake this game up at some point.

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