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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by irvin4evs, Mar 1, 2009.

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    Alright. I have definitely given up on the Mitch King dream. I doubt we have any interest in him, unfortunately.

    Anyway, again, I think we trade up. 11 draft picks is too many. We should trade our two non-comp 5th rounders and our 4th rounder to move into the bottom of the 3rd/top of the 4th, and do something like this.


    2nd round: Rashad Johnson, FS Alabama 5'11, 200
    -Chung, Delmas and Smith are gone by now, IMO, but Johnson is still a great value here. Some are saying Hamlin should play FS, but 8 INTs with the 2nd best passrush is a big problem, and Johnson helps us there.

    3rd round (Cleveland): Jason Phillips, ILB TCU 6'1, 239

    -Competes with Brooking for playing time. Reportedly a motor/fighter type, which we need.

    4th round (Detroit): Terrance Taylor, NT Michigan 6'0 310

    -He's the prototypical 3-4 NT. It allows to play Ratliff all along the front 3-4--not just as NT. Rat can still start but Taylor allows him to rest or move around.

    early 4th round (hypothetical trade): David Veikune, LB Hawaii 6'2 257
    -This one might be a bit of a stretch, but it's the kind of pick we like to make in the 4th. He's a super quick, aggressive player and did 35 225 lifts. He only ran a 4.86, but he might be a good project at either LB spot.

    5th round (comp): Mohamed Massaquoi, WR Georgia 6'2 195

    -An impressive physical specimen with good intangibles with questionable hands. Sounds like Miles Austin a few years ago.

    6th round (Miami): Marlon Favorite, DT LSU 6'1 310
    -Put him at NT and DE. Supposedly a good character type.

    6th round (comp): Jahi Word-Daniels, CB Georgia Tech 6'0 197
    -Can always use more

    7th round (Detroit): Matt Slauson, G/T Nebraska 6'5 310

    -Brings new competition to potentially two spots

    7th round (Comp): Garret Reynolds, T North Carolina 6'8 310
    -A project at one of the tackle spots
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    Johnson and Phillips.. not bad. Would rather see us sign Sean Jones in FA. Next 7 picks would make me cry...
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    I know I'm the Phillips mark around here, but here something I hadn't seen posted before.

    The entire article from last summer, about workout warriors (but not workout-only guys who can't play), is here. Maybe someone would want to post it, though only a few of the ten guys are draft-eligible this year.

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    I think everyone likes Phillips to some extent.

    My concern is I am not sure he is a WILB for passing downs.

    He is a straight ahead bulldog not a coverage guy. His hips looked awfully stiff in combine drills.
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    my mock kills your mock

    With Ron Brace and Duke Robinson gone

    2nd #51s value is at FS/SS
    Sean Smith/ Louis Delmar/ Patrick Chung-which ever falls. Predictable I know
    but there it is.

    3rd #69 was thinking Herman Johnson here, but Dallas goes
    with DT Sammie Lee Hill 6'4 328. Might be a better fit for Wades 3-4 Small school guy. Right round and place. Quick and has good bulk.
    Ratliffe moves to DE.

    4th #97 finally get a guard with some size Dallas will need it facing NY and DC. OG Louis Vasquez 6'6 335 strength to help stabalize the weak link LOG.

    4th #113 Dallas goes WR and takes Mike Wallace. 4.33 6' 200. Showed what he's got at the Senior bowl. Dallas gets that strike of lightening that's been missing.

    5th #148 Dallas takes Tony Fiammetta FB 6'1 245 4.61 a player with the
    right kind of team attitude. A true FB to add.

    5th #158 Dallas takes another guard with size as back up material.
    Ray Feinga 6'5 337. The Proctor, Berger and Kosier days are in the
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    kind of high for Taylor, but I like it

    Veikune is terribly underrated, Mike Mayock said that he had the best 10-yard split of any Dlineman at the Combine, ran a respectable 4.87 40 yard dash, and benched 225, 36 times, I would love to land him

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