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    1. Alex Mack, California 6-4, 311
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
    Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't work out and will need to show off in a few weeks. None of the other centers were so impressive to be head-and-shoulders above Mack.
    Positives: Ultra-competitive … Phenomenal leader … Dominant all-around blocker.
    Negatives: At some times is too fiery … Mistakes made mostly when trying to do too much.

    2. Max Unger, Oregon 6-5, 309
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
    Post-Combine Skinny: It wasn't a great workout for the center on the top of several lists. Expected to be tried out at guard, he only came up with 22 reps on the bench. However, he was quick and athletic through the drills.
    Positives: Good quarterback up front … Very, very strong … Could be moved to guard.
    Negatives: Not a great athlete … Won’t do much on the move … Not necessarily a mauler.

    3. Eric Wood, Louisville 6-4, 310
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
    Post-Combine Skinny: Flip a coin on where he belongs among the top three center prospects. He was big, surprisingly quick and athletic, and he came up with 30 reps.
    Positives: Big-time worker with mean streak … Bright. Doesn’t miss line calls … Experienced veteran.
    Negatives: Average in pass protection … Can get shoved around a bit.

    4. Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas 6-4, 301
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
    Post-Combine Skinny: He looked the part. He moved efficiently in the drills, wasn't bad on the bench, and ran a center-best 5.14.
    Positives: Busted his tail to become a major producer …. Good athleticism and good on the move … Good finesse blocker.
    Negatives: Not a mauler … He isn’t going to push too many top tackles over.

    5. A.Q Shipley, Penn State 6-1, 304
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
    Post-Combine Skinny: A favorite among the scouting types, Shipley had extremely short arms, was as short and as squatty as expected, and it didn't matter. He was athletic, quick, and extremely strong.
    Positives: Good athlete … Hard worker who goes 100% all the time … Good fighter.
    Negatives: Not huge and has to battle against the bigger, stronger DTs … Questionable NFL strength even after the big lift. Not a guard. He has just one position.

    6. Antoine Caldwell, Alabama 6-3, 309
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 5
    Post-Combine Skinny: Disappointing. The 40 time is hardly a big deal for centers, but the 5.23 was slow and he wasn't all that athletic. The 24 reps was an eye-opener.
    Positives: Extremely smart … Very quick and great on the move … Can be moved to guard.
    Negatives: Can be pushed around by bigger tackles … Needs a little work on his technique … Could stand to be nastier as a run blocker.

    7. Jon Cooper, Oklahoma 6-2, 291
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
    Post-Combine Skinny: He added enough weight to be a far more attractive prospect. He also did a little of everything right with decent speed and quickness to go along with 31 reps.
    Positives: Great leader. Could be a quarterback for a line … Smart. Great at making the calls … Used to being in charge of elite blockers.
    Negatives: Too small and isn’t going to get much bigger or stronger … Not quite a good enough athlete to overcome size issues.

    8. Blake Schlueter, TCU 6-3, 285
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
    Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine
    Positives: Extremely strong … Always working. Always going 100 miles per hour … Quick.
    Negatives: Will struggle to get bigger and maintain weight … He isn’t going to be a dominant starter … Likely a long-snapper.

    9. Alex Fletcher, 6-3, 297
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 9
    Post-Combine Skinny: He moved extremely well and was great on the bench with 30 reps. However, he wasn't quite as big as expected.
    Positives: Nice size and knows how to use it … Fiery and punishing. Finishes his blocks. … Smart.
    Negatives: Fine against quick defenders, but struggles against stronger ones … Durability concerns … Might be better as a guard.

    10. Brett Helms, LSU 6-2, 286
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 10
    Post-Combine Skinny: Beefed up around 15 pounds from original playing weight. He didn't run, and he only lifted 25 times.
    Positives: Versatile enough to move to guard … Athletic. Very quick … Excellent toughness. Great motor.
    Negatives: Not big enough … Has to get stronger to be a starter … Might be limited to a West Coast offense.

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