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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Feb 25, 2009.

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    since all the all-star games and the Combine are finished, here we go, once again using NFLDraftScout's ratings as a barometer:

    51. Oklahoma OG Duke Robinson (#50)

    69. Auburn DT Sen'Derrick Marks (#72)

    97. Pittsburgh ILB Scott McKillop (#95)

    113. Florida OT Jason Watkins (#113)

    148. Penn State C AQ Shipley (#149)

    158. UCF CB Joe Burnett (#157)

    184. Fresno State QB Tom Brandstater (#183)

    193. Clemson S Chris Clemons (#192)

    210. South Carolina ILB Jasper Brinkley (#208)

    Watkins may not be the popular pick because he ran slow, (5.38 40), and he only put up 18 reps, but I heard he's still dealing with a torn labrum, so that may explain the very low amount
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    Jasper in the 7th?! Are you kidding me?

    Jason Watkins is a scrub who only put up 225 18 strength..and he's slow..good combo for a LT..wasted pick

    You hate Ron Brace yet you want Marks who doesn't even hold a candle to Brace..okay

    Burnett and Mckillop are the only picks I agree with
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    again, using NFLDraftScout as a barometer

    you did read that he's still dealing with a torn labrum right? and there hasn't been any questions of his upper-body strength

    there's a thing called weight-room strength and fuctional-football playing strength to consider

    30TFL for Marks, 7.5 sacks, 114 tackles

    21TFL for Brace, 5 sacks, 74 tackles


    doing Ron Brace's career average, he has to go another season to match Marks' stats, not even to mention that Marks dominated in the tougher SEC

    btw, they're different players, and Marks would be a DE in our scheme, he could even go back and forth between DE and NT, since he's stout against the run, he offers what Brace probably never will

  4. 28 Joker

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    We are thinking very similar. I did move Brinkley up into the 4th. That is where Canty went.

    51. Herman Johnson OG/OT LSU

    69. Darry Beckwith ILB LSU

    97. Jasper Brinkley ILB South Carolina

    113. Ricky Jean-Francois DE/DT LSU

    148. Demetrius Byrd WR LSU

    158. Quinn Johnson FB LSU

    184. Trimane Godard S North Carolina

    193. Terrance Knighton NT Temple

    210. Ramon Foster OT Tennessee

    We both took guards in round 2.

    We both took a Jay Ratliff type player out of the SEC.

    We both took two inside linebackers and Brinkley.

    Brinkley has pass rush ability.

    Darry Beckwith didn't run well in the 40, but he bulked up and is coming off a knee injury. Byrd got rolled up on by Johnson or Cirron Black in his bowl game, and he still ran a 4.42. Beckwith is a solid, safe pick. He can cover and play on three downs. I'm ignoring the 40 time. He's a solid player.

    The LSU Cowboys. LOL

    Just missed:

    Dorrell Scott NT 3

    Dallas needs another 3rd round pick.

    Also, on the radar:

    Sharrod Martin S Troy
    Underwood S Cinn.
    Safey from Notre Dame
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    NFLDraftScout is not a very good site to base your mock from. I've been following that site for the past 2-3 years and they're not very accurate, especially early on when he hasn't even evaluated half the players out there.
  6. DaBoys4Life

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    This is a joke right it must be April to tell us a better sitE?
  7. Randy White

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    Now that Michael Johnson has officially slid into the 2nd round on most " experts" boards, he's also officially become my first choice for the Cowboys. Yes, I know we'd probably have to move up for him, but he's worth it.

    2nd rnd ( Dal ): Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech
    3rd rnd ( Cle ): Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma
    4th rnd ( Det ): Trade down to the middle of the round for pick in '10
    4th rnd ( trade ? ): Kevin Ellison, SS, USC ( Move Hamlin back to FS )
    4th rnd ( Dal ): trade pick outright for '10 pick or to move up to get Johnson.
    4th rnd ( Comp ): Nate Davis, QB, Ball ST.
    5th rnd ( Dal ): Zack Follet, ILB, Cal. He can play inside and outside LB
    5th rnd ( Tenn ): Sammie Lee Hill, NG, Stillman
    5th rnd ( Comp ): Zach Potter, DE, Nebraska
    6th rnd ( Dal ): Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland
    6th rnd ( Mia ): Robert Brewster, OT/OG, Ball St.
    7th rnd ( Det ): Trade for '10 pick.
  8. SLATEmosphere

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    :laugh2: I don't think ANY of those guys fall to those spots. Ellison in the 4th as a SS? LOL you know he ran a 4.8 right? The guy will be a LB in the NFL. Duke in the 3rd?? Oh I hope your right about that one. Was he even at the combine. I heard nothing about him?
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    really? i think this is quit an over statement.
  10. Bob Sacamano

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    he fell off his Junior year, but was pretty darn good his Sophomore year
  11. Randy White

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    Such as whom ? It's an honest question.

    He still has his pro day ahead of him. If he runs another 4.8, then maybe you're right. If he comes back and runs a 4.6, then what ? Besides, at 6'0, 220lbs, he's NOT going to be playing LB in the NFL.

    He was. He only ran the 40, at 5:27 ( tied for second fastest of all the guards that ran ). I put him there maybe out of my hope that he falls. It all depends, obviously, on how the drafts unfolds as in what runs do team go with and who's falling. The Cowboys have an early 3rd round pick ( 5th in the 3rd round ) and if he doesn't get picked in the late 2nd, there's strong possibility he'll be there for them in the 5th.
  12. Joe Rod

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    Joe Burnett would be an awesome pick, that guy is a major threat at both KR positions and has a good nose for the ball. He single handedly kept UCF in the game against USF.
  13. Bob Sacamano

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    NFLDraftScout just re-did their rankings, so:

    51. Utah CB/S Sean Smith (#52)

    69. Ohio State OLB Marcus Freeman (#66)

    97. Clemson DT Dorell Scott (#94)

    113. Penn State OT Gerald Cadogan (#114)

    148. Penn State C AQ Shipley (#150)

    158. UCF CB Joe Burnett (#157)

    184. Nevada ILB Josh Magua (#186)

    193. Furman OT Joel Bell (#192)

    210. Penn State WR Deon Butler (#214)

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