Post-Free Agency Mock: The Clowney Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Aliencowboy, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Aliencowboy

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    Jerry moving up for Clowney trading with the Rams is very possible. Houston needs to pass on him at #1 and it's green lighted. Replaces Ware for the next 10 years. Dallas could also trade up for Mike Evans if he's there around 8 or 9.

    (1)#2 Trade: Cowboys select Clowney DE
    for (#16, #48 and 2015 1st Rounder) Cornerstone piece and awesomeness for the next 10 years

    (3) #78 Marcus Smith DE
    (Line revamp continues. Pass Rushers are set-plays strongside - no hopes spencer ever returns to form)

    (4) #115 Donte Moncrief WR
    (At 6'2 220 and 4.40 speed- fits the prototype for Dallas and gives them explosiveness, potential to be a #2)

    (5) #146 Russel Bodine C/OG
    (competes for LG and backs up C)

    (7) #206 Ryan Groy OG Wis
    #208 Zack Kerr DT1 Delaware
    #215 Henry Josey RB Mizz
  2. packpitts

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    We should move down in the draft a couple times if we can. Try to gain a 2nd and 3rd. Then we can possibly get 5 of these guys in the first 3 rounds:

    Ryan Shazier
    Ra'Shede Hageman
    Odell Beckham
    Xavier Su'a-Filo
    Scott Crichton
    Jimmie Ward
    Stephon Tuitt
    Terrence Brooks
    Dominique Easley
    Jarvis Landry
    Telvin Smith

    If someone drops we could even get a better 5
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  3. Sydla

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    We need so much help I think it wouldn't be wise to load up for one guy. I could see it if we were a legit super bowl contender missing a dominant pass rushing end. But we need all kinds of help.

    Keep the picks.
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  4. Aliencowboy

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    You'll never pay 10 million a year for any of those players. 5 years of Clowney has a value of 50 million. You take the elite DE not extra 2nd and 3rd rounders in this case.
    Ask the Pats about trading back. Hasn't worked out for them. If you have a top 5/10 then you're in a different situation.
  5. Sydla

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    They've been far more successful with that method than teams handing away lots of picks to move up into the Top 5-7 picks. We moved up for Claiborne. Hasn't worked out. Skins gave away picks for RG3, that's not really working out thus far.

    So as much as Clowney might be a freak, trading away 2 first rounders and second rounder on a team that needs a lot of talent infusion would be silly IMO.
  6. Aggie87

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    I'm not convinced Clowney's a 10 year cornerstone like Ware. I'm not convinced he'll even be a leader on whatever team he ends up on.
  7. DFWJC

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    My guess is that there is enough demand for Clowney that the Rams could get that same deal from a team much higher in the draft than Dallas. Going from 16 all the way up to 2 to get a potential superstar would probably require Dallas to add in that 3rd at the very for the 2nd overall pick, Dallas would part with their 1st, 2nd, 3rd in 2014 and 1st in 2015.
  8. packpitts

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    We move down we can get lots of help!
  9. BrAinPaiNt

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    No thanks.
  10. texbumthelife

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    Whole 'lotta nope goin' on in this thread.
  11. Aliencowboy

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    It's a bit early to say Mo hasn't worked out. RG3 had one of the best Rookie QB years ever and made the playoffs. 2nd year? No one doubts his talent. It's better than 10 years without a QB like the cowboys post-aikman and no playoffs. The Pats have come out and said they plan to draft differently. Blue chippers are better than gambling on 15% chance of hitting on 2nd or 3rd rounder. The problem is you think more picks equals more starters and that's just not true.
  12. tm1119

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    Can I borrow that crystal ball? You have no idea what any of these guys will be.
  13. thebigeasy88

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    If we trade up, I want us to move up 4-5 places and grab Barr. I don't care if people say he doesn't fit our scheme. The kid is a beast and is still raw. I'm still convinced he can be moved to DE. He's that good. He may not fit the "typical" NFL DE mold but he is strong and very quick.
  14. AsthmaField

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    I don't disagree with you that getting blue chippers is a sound strategy when things fall right. I always tend to lean towards spending a little more to go up and get the guys that you have targeted and know will help your team out.

    I'm not saying it is for sure the right way, but I feel you should get the difference makers when you really think they will help and it doesn't cost too much.

    Of course, I think this is too much for Clowney. I might would move up some for Manziel. I would move up for Khalil Mack, and I would move up for Aaron Donald. That's about it in this draft. I'm not sold on Clowney at all.

    However, I do agree with your general idea that moving back and adding later picks usually isn't the way to go. Adding another 3rd rounder isn't worth passing up on a player that you know will help you. Last year there wasn't anyone that blew me or the team away at our pick, so I was fine trading back in that instance. This year, if Donald is there and we trade back, I think it will be a big mistake.

    For instance, I thought it was dumb to move down from Steven Jackson to Julius Jones, and I thought we should have moved up to take Adrian Peterson if at all possible. I thought we should trade what we needed to in order to move up and take Tony Gonzalez instead of staying put and taking David LaFleur. Those are just a few examples that are right off the top of my mind.

    I understand you can't often do that and that you fill your roster with mid round guys primarily... however, there are occasions where moving up for the right guy for your team is the thing to do IMO.

    Giving up a 4th to move up 4 or 5 spots for Aaron Donald is something I would actively try to do because he is such a perfect fit for us and he has rare traits that you don't find in a DT very often. Moving up for Mack into the top 5 would be too expensive and I wouldn't do it. However, if he fell to 9 or 10, I'd really try to go do it because I think he's a difference maker and would be worth the extra pick.

    Each situation is different and should be looked at and accepted or declined based on its own merits. Overall though, I agree that New England got too happy with trading back and their talent has suffered quite a bit from that and from plain old poor drafting. I agree that it is better to stay put and take the best available or if you think a guy you really love (like Donald) is going to be taken right in front of you... then be proactive, make a small trade up and insure that you get a guy you and your scouts love.

    Had we done that in 2009 then we would have at least ended up with Max Unger (who would be a plus starter for us) instead of a bunch of nobodies that are all off the team now. We would have had to probably trade the pick that we used to take Brewster. Yeah, we should have jumped up a few spots.
  15. bkight13

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    I like the idea, but only if Clowney falls to around 5 or 6. Going up to 2 would cost too much.

    In general, if everyone is looking to trade back then it's sometimes smarter to trade up and target difference makers. You would get better value vs trading back.
  16. Manster74

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    Nope. I wouldn't trade up for anyone in this deep draft.
  17. egn22

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    If for some reason Clowney busts or gets a nasty injury... We've crippled ourselves as far as the draft goes. That's way too risky in my opinion.

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