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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Sep 15, 2013.

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    I was going to post this so thanks.
  2. Zman5

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    The problem is, JG hasn't learned anything. He is also not very innovative. All he is trying to do is copy other great coaches or innovators

    Why is he trying to make Romo into something he is not (Brady, Peyton).
    Why is he so hell bent on having a 2 TE offense when it hasn't worked here? Oh that's right. NE runs it.

    Last year, Romo had 6th best completion percentage for a starting QB using play action. Yet he was dead last at play action attempts last year.

    Someone tell JG Murray had best games using a FB and Romo is at his best when he is moving around and using play action.
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  3. dupree89

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    I know they all talk in cliches in the post game pressers. But I am so sick of hearing the head coach, the QB, Witten and every other player going with the old standby "we have to do a better job" and also "we have to get better".

    We heard this all of last season. And obviously they havent been doing a better job and they havent accomplished 'getting better'. How about some anger, emotion, CHANGES, something.
    They had a long off season to improve the running game. Didnt happen.

    We needed to make a play....we have to get better....we need to do a better job....blah blah blah blah blah.
    Wheres the accountability for this offense?
  4. PA Cowboy Fan

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    It's a process.
  5. tyke1doe

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    I'm resigned to the fact that the Cowboys will be mediocre until a new crew, an independent crew/coach (one whom Jerry Jones will let run the football team his way) comes on board. I am trying to give Jason Garrett the benefit of the doubt. But at the end of this year (when my signature quote expires), I'm off the boat. I really can't be surprised by the results of today because it's the same thing every year. And it's been this way for most of the Cowboys' run since Jimmy Johnson left.

    I'm sorry, but my hope factor in this team has diminished considerably. Every year it's the same to the point where you're just numb.
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  6. Hoofbite

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    I think a lot of people are a little more pissed than normal because they expected a cakewalk in Kansas City. At the very least, it seemed like many were willing to acknowledge that KC may be improved but it didn't seem like many actually bought into them as a legitimate threat.

    I think the game had god and bad. Everything not offense was good to very good. Everything offense was pretty bad.

    The offense is easily the weakest link on the team right now. They didn't do enough last week and needed to be bailed out by the defense and they didn't do enough today.

    It's absolutely unacceptable that the offense struggle like this year in, and year out. With all the resources invested and all the talk of and all the emphasis on being a dynamic unit, there's simply no excuse for not getting the job done when the protection is there.

    Dallas has a formidable stretch coming up. St. Louis is another team that is tough. Their defense is strong and if they limit mistakes it's going to be a close game again.
  7. ehcrossing

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  8. ScipioCowboy

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    This was yet another game during Garrett's tenure in which the outcome hinged on one drive in the final two or three minutes. As we've seen over the past few years, under those circumstances, winning becomes a 50/50 proposition, a coin flip. That's why the Cowboys are 17-17 under Garrett. At some point, they're going to need to start pulling away from their opponents. Or this .500 trend will continue. Jerry Jones has admitted as much.

    It's quite amazing, if you think about it. I've never seen a team be able to balance the scale between winning and losing so evenly for so long.
  9. Idgit

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    We actually had quite a few series where we could have put that game away. Or as nearly away as you're going to get on the road in the NFL, anyway. That opening third quarter drive was the biggest missed opportunity. The two turnovers killed two more drives, and then there was the officials calling OPI on the second quarter drive that should have gotten us out of our own territory and another set of downs, but instead ended the series. Most of the time with Dallas, it's come down to a blows series on defense when we really needed one, or inefficiencies on offensive series where we're otherwise moving the ball ok. It's frustrating.
    I have some faith we've got a defense that can work for us now, but, for the second season in a row, we're getting this offensive misfires that seem to come from everywhere and are hard to pinpoint and harder to address as a result. I sympathize with why everybody's frustrated by it--especially in the red zone. I'm just not sure what the solution is.
  10. ScipioCowboy

    ScipioCowboy More than meets the eye.

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    Absolutely. Over the past few seasons, the Cowboys have missed many opportunities to put away their opponents. It happens too frequently to chalk up to "rotten luck," in my opinion. But, like you said, I don't know the what solution is. I don't know if the talent simply isn't there to put teams away or if the coaching is too poor.
  11. IrishAnto

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    No game is a wash. They all count. We had a chance to take and early lead in the East and didn't.
  12. IrishAnto

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    I don't recall Landry having previous HC experience before he got the gig.

    Some people just have what it takes.
  13. birdwells1

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    The game has changed since then, JG's resume says he didn't deserve the OC position when he got it nor the HC job when he got it. Just go look at a coach who's the same age, Sean Payton, and compare resumes you'll notice the difference in years of coaching. Payton paid his dues and came up through the ranks, JG was put on the fast track and, much like Jerry who wants to be respected as a football guy, it can't be bought or fast track it has to be earned.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Hey tyke. While I feel your pain. I just can't go there... Not yet.

    We are 1-1

    Too much time left.
  15. Zman5

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    Different time and different situation. Landry took over a new expansion team. A team that needed to be built up from the start. JG took over a team that won the division two year before and one with established players at key positions.

    BTW, it took Landry 7 seasons before having a winning season. Do you want to wait 7 years for the Cowboys to have a winning season?

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