Post Senior Bowl Pre-Combine Mock, Version 3.0

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Feb 4, 2009.

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    With the Cowboys talking about letting Canty and Burnett test the market it leaves me believing DE might be a priority in Free Agency or the Draft. Unfortunately I don't think most of the guys who are 2nd round DEs fit the role of DE in the 3-4 scheme. Move Ratliff to DE and draft a NT?

    Version 2
    Version 1

    I still have favorite, but I now believe my Safety (Sean Smith) is going to be gone by the time we pick, so I am moving on. He remains my top hope though I think.

    Cowboys 2nd round pick. Ron Brace, NT, Boston College, 6'3", 330. Collpases the LOS. 7.5 TFL and 2.5 sacks. Ratliff is going to stay at NT after earning Pro Bowl honors. This is a solid backup with future potential. His stock is rising fast. His linemate Raji has moved into the top 10 to 15 picks.

    3rd round pick from Cleveland. Michael Hamlin, SS, Clemson, 6'2", 207. A double Hamlin Safety duo? Possibly. He gets to the ball. 6 INTs and 7 passes defended.

    4th from round Detroit. Daniel Holtzclaw, ILB, Eastern Michigan, 6'1", 245. A tackling machine. 4 year starter. Natural leader. I think this guy is a star in the making.

    Cowboys 4th round pick. Bruce Johnson, CB, Miami, 5'11", 185. With Pacman gone, Henry on his last legs and Newman seemingly hurt more often than we can stand, it pays to add depth. In addition to some good ball skills he is a great kick returner.

    Cowboys 5th round pick. Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State, 6'2", 218. It is time to develop some QB depth. A good 3rd string QB who could develop for the future. Talent is not a question. Accepted money from a booster and got expelled. No boosters in the NFL. He is the QB I think best fits our system and has a chance to progress.

    5th round pick from Tennessee. Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona, 5'9", 187. A big time Punt Return threat who also has guts. Isn't afraid to go over the middle. Not likely to be a star, but can develop into a 3rd WR in the slot. Owens is probably gone. We need to fill that spot. This kid can develop and will push Crayton. A leader.

    Compensatory 5th round pick. Travis Bright, OG, BYU, 6'5", 328.
    Part of a very good college O-line that uses pro style blocking schemes. A big man with good feet and a bit of a nasty streak.

    6th round pick from Miami. Garrett Reynolds, OT, North Carolina, 6'7", 310. RT prospect who can compete for depth and learn from a mauler like Columbo.

    Compensatory 6th round pick. Lawrence Sidbury, DE, Richmond, 6'2", 265. This guy is from a small school but is all about production. 6.5 sacks and 14.5 tackles for loss. He never stops coming for the ball. His only negative is the small school, but don't let that stop anyone.

    7th round pick from Detroit. Josh Mauga, ILB, Nevada, 6'2", 246. A chest injury limited him to 8 games. Look at the stats. 82 tackles, 7 TFL, 3.5 sacks, 3 pass breakups. A true late steal.

    Cowboys 7th round pick. Jorvorskie Lane, FB, Texas A & M, 6'0", 275. You know how I like bulldozers at FB. Here's my huckleberry. Finds the endzone in short yardage, but more importantly picks up bltizes and opens holes.

    As always your comments are welcome. I learn from all of you. So please speak up, good and bad.
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    It will be interesting what path the Cowboys take in the draft. DO they take a big NT like Brace and move Ratliff over to DE, or do they get a true DE to replace Canty. I personally would keep Jay right where he is at. He's publicly stated that he likes playing NT, why change it?. He had 8 sacks and a probowler, why change it? Him rushing up the middle really makes a difference for Ware/Spencer/Ellis by forcing the QB to take steps back and not step up into the pocket. I'm not sure Brace will be able to do that. I've just heard he's a run stuffer. Ratliff is a pass rusher and run stuffer at NT.

    But I like the other picks, I debated on either Holtzclaw or Mckillop in my mock..I think both will have long productive careers.

    Sean Smith:pray:

    Would you trade up about 10 spots to grab Mr. Smith, Hostile? He would be awfully tempting within reach
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    I liked your first one better. You took Sean Smith in round 2. He's a 1-2 rounder, and if some teams see him as a CB, he's a first rounder. He played Julio Jones really well on the edge. However, Slate, you can always hope if that is your guy.

    You took Fenuki Topou in round 3. That is a premium pick on a guy who can be a starter at LG and swing to RT. That is a big thumbs up from me.

    You took an ILB in the fourth. I wouldn't have done it, but I'm probably in the minority. Jacob Rodgers was undrafted, and Barbie plays like a late rounder. I'm holding hope out for resigning Kevin Burnett. That frees the Cowboys up and allows them to go after offensive linemen, safeties, defensive linemen and a possible WR.

    However, you came back with an OT in the fourth. Great call.

    The Cowboys must address the offensive line, and I hope they look for starting players at LT, RT, and LG. You have to get these guys in the pipeline and develop them. The Cowboys have nothing in the pipeline. Kozier walks after this year, and he played in 2+ games. Montrae Holland had weight issues in the past. Plus, he got hurt, too. Depending on Holland is a mistake, imo. Draft a blue-chipper if he gets to you or jump someone in round if you have to do it. (Duke Robinson or Herman Johnson)

    If you want to stop the false starts at tackle, draft some players that can sit their butts on the bench when they do it. Plus, Flozell Adams' health is a concern. If you want your LG to be a guy that doesn't get pushed back, run around, and run over, then, draft a blue-chipper at guard. Tony Romo can't last taking the beating he took this year.

    The WR, from Arizona, in the fifth... If he can get Crayton out of Dodge, more power to him.
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    On your second mock, like I'm some expert, LoL...

    I wouldn't take Ron Brace in the second, at 51. He's a third rounder who might go in late round 2. There are some other NT prospects, but you could move the third rounder in order to move up into the late first and get him. Remember how Red Bryant fell into the fourth round. These NTs usually fall unless they are guys like Ngata or Raji, ect... If you stay at 51, I think Big Herm might come right to you. I'm hoping that is the best value. It will be if he's there. Duke Robinson should go before 51, in the first 10 picks of round 2. Stay put in round 2.

    I wouldn't take the CB in round 4. Look for a LT prospect or a RT or both. Watch to see if Phil Loadholt falls to the 3rd round. If he does, jump on him. If you are lucky enough to draft Brace in the third and Loadholt drops to the end of round three, you may be able to move the first pick in round 4 and nab the big tackle . He has an off the field issue. Bingo. RT Huuuuuge RT. He can slide inside in a pinch.

    Plus, if the Cowboys can play with Terence Newman, Henry, Glenn, Reeves, and Nate Jones, they can play with Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick, Ball, and a lower pick. The Cowboys are set with the top 3 CBs. There are too many immediate needs to stack CB.

    You addressed punt returner/WR. A+ The Cowboys have a fair catch machine and are content with not dropping the punt. That's good, but how about getting some field position or scoring and catch it. Again, Crayton needs to go, imo. Good pick. You can find a WR in round 5 who can take that job. Sam Hurd can play it next year.

    Taking a big guard in round 5 is good. You addressed the o-line. He's big and strong, too. They will not push him around due to his lack of size. Marten, Free, Berger, Proctor, Al Johnson, McQuistan, Rodgers,ect... They are all finesse players. Get them out of here. That is the Bill Parcells' template for o-linemen. This draft can do it and bring in some legit, physical prospects or starters on the o-line. It's a strength of the draft. Just think of Romo getting drilled.

    6th round RT is a good move.

    I like the FB pick.

    If it's between Brace and Loadholt in the third, who do you take?

    I would take Loadholt. However, that off the filed stuff could swing it in the draftroom.
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    I would trade up if he is still in the 2nd round. I would not trade up into the 1st round and I think he will end up being a 1st rounder unless he has a bad Combine. The player who without a doubt I trade up in the 2nd to grab if he falls there is Duke Robinson.
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    solid, although you still have Holtzclaw going way too high
  7. Biggems

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    Isnt Bright the one that has dealt with injuries and is like 28 cause he did a mission for his church for a few years.
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    I'm not sold on Brace, his only move is the bull rush and they kept saying how slow and lethargic he was throughout the week. IDK it's something about safeties named Hamlin that really don't do it for me. Way to early for Holtzclaw he might not be drafted. I like Rhett Bhomar nice QB to develop and Mike Thomas is a nice slot WR with speed that can stretch the field and get open. Bright seems was a little dinged up however considering where we are drafting him I say it's value is worth it. Garrett Reynolds is good and provides depth at a needed position. I don't know where you found this guy(Lawrence Sidbury JR) at however, he seems like a stud. His stock is rising and I wouldn't be surprised to see him go in the second or third round it seems like GM's are going crazy about him. Josh Mauga another solid pick his some injuries but here we're drafting him shouldn't be a problem. When I first heard about Javorski Lane I wanted him I youtubed him and looked him up. However, the more I found out about him the more I started to dislike him and we really don't need a player like this on our team and the fact that he's 295...I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. I think FB is needed I like Eric Kettani from Navy.
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    i can dig this mock...
  10. Hostile

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    I want him. Just like I wanted Spencer Larsen last year. Denver doesn't regret that move at all.
  11. TheCount

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    I'll take it, you know Lane is a big baby though right? He's not Owen.
  12. AmishCowboy

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    We might have to jump on Brace because with Denver and GB now switching to the 3-4. NT's might be hard to find anymore.
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    Love it, great draft for us.
  14. Biggems

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    Hos, I would rather have Sammie Lee Hill than Ron Brace.
  15. Goldenrichards83

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    I like it. I think we should take Brace with out 1st pick as well. I doubt he makes it to our 3rd rd pick and according to reports we had a long talk with him. Hamlin reminds me of Pat Watkins for some reason. I will have to watch more film on him to make a accurate assessment. I am a Hurricane so I can tell you that Bruce Johnson will surprise a few folks on the next level.
  16. Bob Sacamano

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    he plays high at times, but he's 6'2", not the 6'4" most sites had him listed earlier

    I hear you about Bruce Johnson
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    I like the Sidbury pick. One of my best friends plays at Richmond with him right now and can't stop talking about what a freak the guy is.
  18. Hostile

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    I'd really like to hear more about that. Tell me what he says about him. That is one of my favorite sleepers.

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