Potential trade-down scenarios

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NorthDalal, Apr 25, 2006.

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    1.) There will be a high-profile falling player considered a top ten guy by the common wisdom who will fall to the second half of the first. Good candidates are Cutler, Ngata.If Cutler drops through Baltimore(13) only Minn(17) is a possibility to draft him before 18. If Ngata drops through Balt. TB become interested in a trade up for the Warren Sapp starter kit.

    2.) There will be reach players that will be traded for regardless of the "points chart" because they fill a need that must be filled for that team. Example:This year would be if there is a run on backs (if Denver takes a RB at 15)in the teens and Pitt(32) or Indy(30) or Carolina(27) panic for Maroney or Ledale White we could cash in big on a trade down as they might anticipate NE (22) taking a RB to spell an aging Corey Dillon.

    3.) Follow the coaching staff orientation. Jax needs a LB and Kamerion Wimbley played under their nose at FSU would former LB Delrio overpay to reach ahead of KC and the Giants for Wimbley at 18?
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    I trust our brain trust to do the right thing.....whatever that would be.
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    With Linebackers, DLs wide recievers and Special teams guys.

    ....with Quarterbacks and Offensive Lineman he's been well below average.
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    When you trade down you have to watchout for New England because they are looking for a linebacker.
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    But we might really like Howard anyway. He should be available early in the second.

    And Greenway or Carpenter may be there for NE at 21, a trade down to 23 w/ TB would keep us ahead of LB hungry NYGs (25)

    We also might target an offensive tackle like Charles Spencer who at 352 out of Pitt and newly converted to OL is probably well know to the staff after the sucessful drafting of Pettti.He'll be there in the second.

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