Potentially disturbing similarity between BP's and Jerry's hiring practices...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jcblanco22, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Between 1994 and 2003, Jerry Jones was a largely villified figure in Cowboys fandom as a result of the perception that he only wanted to hire "puppets" to be his head coach. The recent speculation about the potential hire of Chris Palmer, who has a long history with Parcells, as the OC got me to wondering: Has BP pretty much exhibited many of the same behaviors that Jerry was almost universally criticized heavily for in terms of whom he picks to be his assistants?

    Curious as to everyone's opinion...
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    well, the difference is that Jerry should get a pass because he has won more super bowls...
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    I think there is some grounds to what you are saying but BP has proven ability as a puppet master that many would support. He's a successful headcoach.
    JJ has no support other than his own fantasy. He just bought the team.

    BP is a football mind.
    JJ is a businessman.
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    Hmm, Jerry's hires had a hard time finding other NFL level jobs -- many now serving in lower level positions than they held in Dallas.

    BP's hires are interviewing for head coaching jobs. Those that don't stay get work elsewhere pretty quickly. Those aren't puppets. Those are quality guys getting developed by BP. Whether it is Palmer or Haley who gets this job, he'll be interviewing for HC openings in a year or two.

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