Pre-Free Agency Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Chris in Arizona, Feb 1, 2009.

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    2. Sean Smith S Utah (6-3/2104.52 40 time)
    3. Trevor Canfield G Cincinnati (6-5/311 5.14 40 time)
    4a. Captain Munnerlyn CB South Carolina (5-9/185 4.39 40 time)
    4b. Antoine Caldwell C Alabama (6-4/312 5.12 40 time)
    5a. Mike Thomas WR Arizona (5-8/187 4.48 40 time)
    5b. Sammie Lee Hill NT Stillman (6-4/331 5.20 40 time)
    5c. Michael Bennett OLB Texas A&M (6-4/271 4.84 40 time)
    6a. Chase Patton QB Missouri (6-5/222 4.77 40 time)
    6b. Jasper Brinkley ILB South Carolina (6-2/262 4.74 40 time)
    7a. Brandon Swain OLB West Texas A&M (6-3/256 4.76 40 time)
    7b. Colt Anderson S Montana (5-10/191 4.62 40 time)

    Smith is the ballhawk free safety the team lacks. Canfield has the size and mean streak to fit in with the Cowboys offensive line. Munnerlyn is small but fast and a sure tackler. Caldwell becomes the back-up center and is an immediate upgrade over Cory Proctor. Thomas will get a shot as a punt returner and reserve receiver. Sammie Lee Hill is a massive nose tackle and will replace departed free agent Tank Johnson. Bennett and Swain are pass rushing specialists and could allow the team to move Greg Ellis. Patton has the tools to be a solid NFL QB. Brinkley will challenge for a reseve ILB spot.
    Anderson reminds me of Bill Bates. He will have to contribute on Special Teams.

    Have at it.
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    I like it but I would just make one tweak to it..Draft Mitch King with the 3rd round pick instead of Canfield. I think we are fine at the guard position. Kosier and Davis are both above average, and Holland is a very servicable backup. It's probably one of the best postions we have on the team behind RB. With the likelihood of losing Canty, I would love to have King on that DL with his high motor.

    And maybe with your 4b get Mckillop at MLB because Zach and Burnett are most likely gone. Of course that would change depending FA, but I really like Mckillop's sure tackling and toughness. Overall I really like it..gotta give you props for my boy Sean Smith!!

    Did you mean Chase Daniel with that QB pick from Missouri?
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    I like it but I do not think that Smith and Brinkly make it to the pick that you suggest. Love to have them both and if Brinkly falls that far it would be a steal.

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