Predictions for both Conference Finals

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by The Answer, May 23, 2006.

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    Mavs over Suns 4-1:

    It's pick your poison with the Mavs, they have shown that they can play offense and defense in beating the defending champs. And they are definitely equipped to run with Steve Nash and the suns. No way that Nash will be able to keep up with the lethal combination of Devon Harris and Jason Terry. The Mavs are coming off aan emotional 7 game series, but the Suns just played two 7 gamers back to back. The only way I give the Suns a chance to last more than 5 games is if Kurt Thomas is healthy and able to make an impact on the floor defensively. Highly unlikely....The Mavs/Spurs was the real Western Conference Finals.

    Heat over Pistons 4-2:

    The Detroit/Cleveland series showed me that the Cavs and Lebron are further ahead of the curve than I thought and also that the Pistons are not as good as I thought they were. Pat Riley is a veteran coach that will make the necessary adjustments that rookie Cleveland staff was unable to do. Shaq is no longer the force he once was, but the Heat are 6-1 in their last 7 playoff games after finding their chemistry in the final two games of the chicago series. Both teams are better than last year when they met, but Miami should have won in then if Wade would have been healthy. Detroit only has a seven man rotation and Miami added Antwain Walker, Gary Payton and Jason Williams for a reason....this year the bench gets it done.

    ~The Answer
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    The Mavs should win but no way the Heat beat the Pistons. The Pistons know how to shut Shaq down.

    Finals: Mavs vs Pistons

    Pistons 4-2
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    West - Suns
    You'll never see me root for the Mavs. Texan or no. And I don't even like the Suns. Damn Clippers. Playoff inexperience showed up in the last two games.

    East - Heat
    Pistons had to go 7 against an inferior Cavs team. Bron or no Bron. I think the Pistons overrate their ability to turn it on. Against the Heat, they've got to be On all the time.
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    If Nelson was still the coach of Dallas, I would fear a letdown in the conference finals vs. the Suns. The Suns match up pretty well against the Mavs with the difference being Terry. A letdown still is in the back of my mind, but I think the Mavs should win this 4-2...

    Both of the teams are not nearly as good this year as they were last year. The Pistons no longer play 48 minutes of defense and it could come back to bite them in this series. For the Heat, Wade is amazing, but Shaq looks old. Miami is playing pretty well right now and they do get the nod on coaching experience. Prince or Wade will likely be the difference in this series. Heat 4-3
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    Mavs will take it,especially the way they've been shooting!
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    I think the Mavs and Suns go 7, with the Mavs winning. Phoenix is an offensive machine, and unless Nash breaks down, I think they'll give any team they play a hard time. I'd have had them going 7 against the Spurs as well.

    I think the Pistons are ripe for an upset. I predicted before the playoffs started that the Heat would beat them to move on to the finals, and I see no reason to go back on that now... especially since the Heat are playing well and the Pistons look vulnerable. I'll say Heat in 6.

    So Heat vs. Mavs.
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    Mavericks 4-3

    Heat 4-2

    Dallas vs. Miami

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