PREDICTIONS: Predict the Cowboys 2005 Season Record

Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Reality, May 7, 2005.

  1. The30YardSlant

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    I dont understand any predictions above 10-6, even thats staretching it a little. We are still far inferior to Philly with or without TO, NY is going to be much better, and we dont have the offense to win games should our defense fail us in any game. We will have to play perfect football to win games because we DO NOT have as much talent as some of you would lead others to believe. Julius Jones has proven relatively nothing, as 8 games does not a career make. We have a QB on the wrong side of 30. Our 2 best offensive linemen are 2 of the 8 oldest in the league. Our top 2 receivers are both a few years past 30. We have little speed on offense, and while we will be better, we certainly wont score 24-28 a game. Our defense will have to win us games.
  2. Trophy#6

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    On record; 12-4
    -nuff said

    Everybody thinks Defense now, but it's going to be Pro Bowl seasons from Bledsoe, Witten and Jones that lead the way to a true cinderella turnaround. The Defense will be keeping the other offenses off the field, but it's going to be those 3 along with Tuna giving lessons in ball control to the whole league. Now if we could just bring in a playmaking WR sometime between now and opening weekend..

  3. The30YardSlant

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    Even our best team ever only went 13-3, and you think this team can win 12 games? Bledsoe to the Pro Bowl? :rolleyes:
  4. royhitshard

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    11-5 at best
  5. zagnut

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    If things break just right...we can go 16-0 baby!

    Seriously, I look at the schedule and only see 2 teams that better than we are and should beat us. Unfortunately, one is Philly.

    Even with them though, the gap has shrunk some and I don't think it's forgone anymore that those 2 games equal losses. That's assuming they don't work out some kind of deal for Shaun Alexander or Edgerrin James.

    A Cowboys team that controls the clock with a powerful running game and a pass rush that can hassle McNabb is a team that can beat Philly. They are not better this year than they were last and can get worse if Owens' true nature reveals itself. If we split with them, I see 11-5 with this schedule. I picked 12-4, but 11-5 is what I should have picked in retro.

    @ San Diego -- L
    In position to be the dominant team over the next 5 years.

    Washington -- W
    Easy win. Monday Night home opener. Skins. Easy.

    @ San Francisco -- W
    Easy. They have nothing going for them.

    @ Oakland -- W
    Easy. Top WRs, but no OL, no DL, no LBs, and no CBs. No help in the offseason at those positions either.

    Philadelphia -- L
    Even though at home, they're better and we're coming off 2 road games.

    NY Giants -- W
    Home game. Eli still learning. Fired up after Philly loss. Rooks start contributing and Defense gels.

    @ Seattle -- L
    Road game. Won last year in shoot out and game of the year from Julius. Could go either way, but they should win.

    Arizona -- W
    Getting better and had a very good off season. Still not much in QB or RB play. At home entering a bye week too.


    @ Philadelphia -- W
    Two weeks to prepare. Rested. Philly could be 6-2 or better at this point. A little complacent. Owens in full ME cancer mode. Ripe for upset.

    Detroit -- L
    Let down after big win vs potentially scary offense. Hoping Harrington doesn't develop.

    Denver (thanksg.) -- W
    Short week. Broncos play tough Jets team last week then have to travel to Dallas. Using Cleveland's DL and 3 rookie CBs. More worried about injury from cut blocks.

    @ NY Giants -- W
    10 days rest. Could go either way. Tough game. Eli to Plaxico could be pretty potent at this point.

    Kansas City -- L
    Still explosive offense, despite aging stars, and a much improved defense. Trent Green and Priest Holmes are really slowing down though. At home. Their DL is very weak. Could be a hard fought win.

    @ Washington -- W
    Washington could win this one. No, really. Why are you laughing.

    @ Carolina -- W
    No more steroids. No more wins. 4-10 at this point and season's over for them. One hit wonders.

    St. Louis -- W
    Last game of the season could mean a lot for us and nothing for them. They look like 6-9 or 7-8 at this point.
  6. Phoenix-Talon

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    Good hunting.
  7. zagnut

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    Your take is pretty fair.

    I should have emphasized the two teams being (by most accounts) better than us (Philly and San Diego). Everyone else I see as approximately even with us or worse, and the schedule seems to be pretty beneficial to give us the edge versus those teams, all things being even. Any success we have this year clearly has to go through Philly though.

    I say "unfortunately" in regards to Philly because we play twice a year and these are division and conference games with a likely strong influence on playoff seeding. Losing to San Diego is not that bad as we won't be going undefeated. It's a non-division and non-conference game. If we have to lose games, I can live with that one. Giants games will be tough too, but I figure we split with them.
  8. Phoenix-Talon

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    I was a little hasty. You cleared that right Up for me. I Understand perfectly.

  9. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    11-5 IF bledsoe plays good
  10. Phoenix-Talon

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    If Bledsoe stays healthy and the O-line holds up!
  11. Verdict

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    11 and 5. I really had to beat myself off of going 12 and 4 or 13 and 3. :D

    This team has the talent to win big this year. The lone hole appers to be currently at safety. We have plugged a ton of holes. There are LOTS of NFL teams with far more weaknesses. We arent fully loaded, yet, but very few teams are. Plus we have a tenacious, driven Parcells with a more hands on approach. I have drunk the kool aid. If we can beat out the Eagles we might go to the superbowl this year. I just cant see us winning the superbowl this year because the AFC is just better stocked. I love seeing Owens act like a cancer. That does nothing but help us.
  12. Phoenix-Talon

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    That's a fair assessment.
  13. kartr

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    11-5,12-4,13-3, even 10-6, Looks some here have been smoking dope with Quincy.Don't you people get it. Other teams in our conference had good off-seasons too, some had better and most of those teams were better than we were last year(St. Louis,Seattle,Carolina,Philadelphia),not to mention the AFC teams such as Denver,Kansas City,San Diego. Even the Raiders have a much more potent offense than we do. Drew Bledsoe has a horrible record against winning teams in spite of playing for good teams like the Pats and the Bills.

    Parcells is a good football coach, not a wizard, he can't make Bledsoe read
    defenses like Brady and he can't make him have McNabb's mobility or play-making skills. With Bledsoe healthy, we'll win 6-7 games tops, without him we'll
    be in the Matt Leinart derby next year.
  14. Hostile

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    I'll say this for you kartr, you aren't consistent.

    I swear I just read where you were ragging on people for their opinions on Carter's drug use, now you are doing what you ragged on them for.

  15. notherbob

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    I voted 11-5 because the Boys could go anywhere from 7-9 to 13-3 depending on injuries, breaks, officiating, etc. I think this is a much improved team with a better attitude than last year but it's all going to come down to when the team gels. Once it comes together, they could do quite well this year - depending on injuries, etc.
  16. cowboyuptx

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    9-7 or 10-6
  17. Zaxor

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    I think things will go this way

    @ San Diego -- W
    just because

    Washington -- L
    Greg Williams screws with Bledsoe's head

    @ San Francisco -- L
    Bledsoe fumbled at crucial time

    @ Oakland -- L
    Norv Turner has kicked our butt often enough, Defense will be blamed for this one

    Philadelphia -- L
    Jim Johnson takes page out of Greg Williams book

    NY Giants -- L
    Giants maybe the best team nobody thought of

    @ Seattle -- W
    A Very Ugly Win

    Arizona -- L
    Again D gets schooled and who is that Berry guy he will be all over Bledsoe


    @ Philadelphia -- L
    Close game

    Detroit -- L
    The last game Bledsoe ever starts for the Dallas Cowboys

    Denver (thanksg.) -- W
    Henson takes over at Thanksgiving just like last year and gets a win

    @ NY Giants -- W
    Cowboys come out smoking and hold on to win

    Kansas City --W
    Henson throws for 4 TD's

    @ Washington -- W
    Washington had no chance... none

    @ Carolina -- W
    Cowboys win by 17

    St. Louis -- W
    Cowboys end season on 6 game win streak

    8-8 but very bright future
  18. cannonball44

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    BWAHAHAHAAA!!! Thats hilarious, as soon as Henson starts we don't lose another game?? come on man.
  19. Zaxor

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    Ya like that huh?:D
  20. kartr

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    I'm just being realistic, or do you really think Parcells' is a wizard? I mean, when a coach says 'I mismanaged this team and I'm ashamed of it and of myself", I take it that he meant it and I totally agree. He did have a better draft this year, but only as far as converting to the 3-4 defense. I just see way too many wholes on the offense and defense, just too many questions and we've been given any answers to alieve my misgivings.

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