Video: Preseason: Cowboys at Raiders

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Kilyin, Aug 10, 2013.

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    First Quarter:


    Second Quarter:

    Third Quarter:

    Fourth Quarter:

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    Thanks for posting!
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    AWESOME!! I missed the game so this is very nice.
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    Could the Raiders announcers have been more annoying in the last few minutes of the second quarter?

    Raiders play by play dude: "The Cowboys are leaving in the first team offensive line to protect Kyle Orton, who's considered one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league. Meanwhile, the Raiders are playing more subs on defense."

    <a play later>

    Raiders play by play dude: "Oh, hey. Just so you know, the Raiders are playing mainly backups on defense while the Cowboys still have their first team offensive line in there. They're doing it for the sake of Kyle Orton because they paid so much for him."

    <a play later>

    Raiders play by play dude: "Just in case you forgot what I said 30 seconds ago, the Cowboys first team offensive line continues to play. They still haven't been taken out. Most of the Raiders players in there right now are guys they pulled out of the stands just before the game started."

    <a play later>

    Raiders play by play dude: "Hey, guys. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, guys. Just so you know, the Cowboys first team offensive line is still in there and Kyle Orton is the best backup quarterback, like, ever."
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    Thanks for taping the game, hope you tape this weekends game too, again-big thank you:D.

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