Pretty cool - Physics teacher spins basketball on pen, Globetrotters take notice

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    D.C. teacher spins basketball on pen while grading papers — video
    The power of video: David Hovan, a physics teacher at St. John’s College High School in Washington D.C., starred in the video below in which he literally spins a basketball on a pen while he grades papers.

    The Harlem Globetrotters were somehow alerted to the video, and on Thursday, team star Handles Franklin is scheduled to visit Hovan during an AP physics class, where Hovan will talk about physics involved in spinning a basketball on the end of a pen.

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    I learned to spin the ball on my finger years ago... it is MUCH easier to spin it on a pen or pencil than your finger, but for some reason people think it's harder...
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    I agree. Using a pen is way easier.
    As for just spinning a b-ball, back in the day I'd do as many as four at a time--both shoe tips and both hands. My brother could even to six with a couple of props on his knees.
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    I used to know a guy that could always shoot.. nonstop no free throws in a row.

    I don't even know what relevance that has....I was jus' sayin... an stuff

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