Prisco Re-grades 2008 draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DFWJC, May 20, 2011.

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    Whatever you or I think of Pete Prisco, I do agree with the idea that you cannot really grade a draft until later.

    Here's a link to his write-up:

    and here are two cut-outs:

    "Draft grades on the day a draft ends are about as meaningful as a Reggie Bush tweet.
    Just kidding, Reggie -- like you were.
    We are asked to grade NFL Drafts the day they end -- hey, it's an era of immediacy -- which opens us up to a lot of criticism and scrutiny.
    The only real way to grade a draft is three years after it's over. So that's what I did with the 2008 draft. I looked back and studied each team's draft and re-graded how they did."


    "Dallas Cowboys
    The Cowboys had six picks in this draft and five are still with the team. They had two first-round picks in running back Felix Jones and corner Mike Jenkins. Both have had their moments, but not enough. Jenkins was a Pro Bowl player in 2009, but struggled last season. Jones is inconsistent. Tight end Martellus Bennett, a second-round pick, has tons of potential but hasn't used it yet. The best pick might be fifth-round corner Orlando Scandrick, who has started at times but is coming off a good season as a nickel corner.
    Grade now: C
    Grade then: A"
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    You think our 2009 draft class was terrible. Get a load of this:

    "Jacksonville Jaguars

    Their draft has proven to be a disaster. They traded up in the first round to get Derrick Harvey, thinking he would be an elite pass rusher. He has six sacks in three seasons and is considered a bust. Ouch. Second-round pick Quentin Groves, another outside rusher, was traded to the Oakland Raiders and never lived up to expectations. There are no other players on the roster from this draft.

    Grade now: F
    Grade then: B-

    No wonder they fired their GM, Shack Harris, and hired Gene Smith. Now they've had three decent drafts ina row snce then.
    But wow, that 2008 draft looks horrible now that reality has set in. This is a great reminder of the differcne between grading a draft today vs waiting a few years.

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