Proof that "sports journalism" is an oxymoron

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by InmanRoshi, Sep 23, 2013.

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    How is this not the feature lead story this morning? A NFL sponsored drug testing adminstrator was in cahoots with a player to help him cheat the PED testing.

    This dirty adminstrator was responsible for testing every player who spends the offseason working out in the South Florida area .... which is a huge segment of the NFL players. Every single testing result conducted under him should be instantly invalidated. If you do a Google search Von Miller has a former Broncos teammate who also works out in Miami full time in the offseason with a NFL Superstar who made a miraculous and unseen recovery from a major injury last year.

    But no one is really talking about it this morning. Why? Unlike baseball, football is the main cash cow for
    the sports media. The career C+ students who get into sports journalism didn't get into this because they had the balls to take on the real power players and power brokers in professional sports. They want to write mythmaking narratives about "chokers" and "heros". And of course certain giants in the "sports journalism" industry also pay a lot of money for the rights to broadcast NFL games. Don't want to piss them off.

    .... but just wait for the next time a 20 year old kid sells an autograph. They'll be all over that, speaking truth to power and taking the righteous stand against impropriety. No, they're not afraid to take on 20 year olds.
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    It is unimportant what the media says or does. THEY won't be punishing Miller. That is in Goodell's hands.
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    And Goodell only acts according to how much heat is on him by the media.

    Which is why he suddenly "discovered" a new found seriousness about concussions about the time that the media started creating feature stories about it, even though they had the data about it long before.
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    How is nobody talking about this this morning yet I have seen it MULTIPLE times on twitter by MULTIPLE people?


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