props to SF and Mia

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by fiveandcounting, Dec 10, 2004.

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    The long run of excellence (and towards the end competetiveness) for the 49ers is officially completely over. What was it 23 years? Ive been wtaching the nfl and sports for about 33 years and that was one of the best stretches I have seen. I hate them of course, but you have to give them their due. It is going to be weird seeing - and the first pick of the draft goes to SF.

    They did have an awful year in 77 or so if I remember correct (2-12?)

    And we may hear, "and with the 2nd pick the Miami Dolphins." In all the years Ive watched football the Dolphins have had 2 losing seasons and both of those were 6-10. You could never really say they sucked, until now.
    They deserve a round of applause too.
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    heres to 23 more years of floundering in the cellar of the NFC WEST
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    Screw the 49ers! I laugh every time I see their pathetic record. :D
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    49ers had a pretty bad year when Steve Young got injured in the late 90s. That was the year they had a top 10 pick and drafted Andre Carter who has since gone on to develop a back problem.

    They have really taken a beating in both the vet and youth dept:

    Carter - bad back
    Peterson - blew out his Achilles
    Barlow - having a very bad year
    TO - frustrated, demanded a trade
    Garcia - let go

    Looking at how bad that roster is, I think it'll be awhile before they are good again. They'll kind of be like the post-Aikman Cowboys. Their rebuilding should be shorter because they won't be handicapped by the Galloway deal which robbed us of premium picks.
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    exactly...i like your attitude :p

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