Prospect List: Cowboy Tracker (updated post #26, 3/29)

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    List of players the Cowboys have spoken with, scheduled for a visit or scouted (based on my own reports). I'm sure there are people I missed that have been discussed in the media, please feel free to add them and I'll update as we go.

    Players in Blue represent prospects I have personally discussed with scouts directly in regards to the Cowboys. I put a little more weight into the interest based on the credibility and position of my source. With that, I'm not immune to a smoke screen either so please don't put my information on that level.

    Ratings based on combination of my own evaluation and notes I have been able to obtain from scouts.

    ROUND 1:

    Melvin Ingram | OLB/DE | South Carolina
    David DeCastro | OG | Stanford
    Whitney Mercilus | OLB/DE | Illinois
    Courtney Upshaw | OLB | Alabama
    Nick Perry | OLB/DE | USC
    Michael Brockers | DT/DE | LSU
    Fletcher Cox | DE | Mississippi St

    ROUND 1-2:

    Dre Kirkpatrick | CB | Alabama
    Andre Branch | OLB/DE | Clemson
    Coby Fleener | TE | Stanford
    Peter Konz | OC | Wisconsin
    Brandon Thompson | DE | Clemson

    ROUND 2:

    Billy Winn | DE | Boise State
    Kevin Zeitler | OG | Wisconsin
    Ronnell Lewis | OLB | Oklahoma

    ROUND 2-3:

    Jared Crick | DE | Nebraska
    Trumaine Johnson | CB/FS | Montana
    Stephon Gimore | CB | South Carolina
    Mohamed Sanu | WR | Rutgers

    ROUND 3:

    Kyle Wilber | OLB/DE | Wake Forest
    Brock Osweiler | QB | Arizona St
    Jonathon Massaquoi | OLB/DE | Troy

    ROUND 3-4:

    Keenan Robinson | OLB | Texas
    Josh Newman | CB | Coastal Carolina
    Brandon Brooks | OG | Miami (Ohio)
    Cyrus Gray | RB/KR | Texas A&M
    Casey Hayward | CB | Vanderbilt
    Asa Jackson | CB | Cal Poly

    ROUND 4:

    Leonard Johnson | CB | Iowa State
    Ryan Broyles | WR | Oklahoma
    Cam Johnson | DE/OLB | Virginia
    Michael Egnew | TE | Missouri
    Philip Blake | C | Baylor

    ROUND 4-5:

    James-Michael Johnson | ILB | Nevada
    Audie Cole | ILB | North Carolina State
    Chris Owusu | WR | Stanford

    ROUND 5:

    Brett Roy | DE/OLB | Nevada
    Quinton Saulsberry | C | Mississippi State
    Terrance Ganaway | RB | Baylor
    Evan Rodriguez | FB/TE | Temple
    Charles Brown | CB | North Carolina
    Rhett Ellison | TE | USC

    ROUND 5-6:

    Tank Carder | OLB/ILB | TCU
    Ron Brooks | CB | LSU
    Emmanuel Acho | ILB | Texas

    ROUND 6:

    Ishmaa'ily Kitchen | NT | Kent State
    Chase Ford | TE | Miami
    Harold Robertson | DT | William and Mary
    Nicholas Jean-Baptise | NT | Baylor

    ROUND 6-7:

    Ronald Leary | OG | Memphis
    Travaris Cadet | RB | Appalachian State
    Case Keenum | QB | Houston

    ROUND 7:

    Johnny Thomas | S | Oklahoma
    David Snow | OG/C | Texas
    Carson Wiggs | PK/K| Purdue


    Sean Baker | S | Ball State
    Brian Peters | S | Northwestern
    Patrick Witt | QB | Yale
    Chase Baker | DT | Boise St
    Kyle Martens | P | Rice
    David Hunter | DE | Houston
    Royce Hill | CB | North Texas
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    Good list, thanks SDogo.

    If the list is accurate, definitely looks like we're targeting DE/OLB the 1st round pick.
  3. reddyuta

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    I could live anybody on that 1st rd list except Brockers,he really scares me.
  4. Woods

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    Thanks again, SDogo.

    Much appreciated, as usual!

    I would have thought we'd be interested in Shea McClellin too, esp as he could play some ILB along with OLB.

    As an aside, do you see him as a solid Round 2 pick in terms of ability? Around the level of V Curry and Ronnell Lewis?

  5. supercowboy8

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    so no Reyes, Bentley, Fleming or Boykin
  6. SDogo

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    lol, I get that question every time I post this. Nothing yet, sorry.
  7. Hostile

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    You need to add Foles and Criner, Sam Garza was here at their workout.
  8. SDogo

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    Thanks Hos, I'll add them to the list.
  9. CCBoy

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    Move over Las Vegas....that is an impressive list. Thanks, Dogo....:)
  10. boysfanindc

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    Does Brandon Thompson get past NE in round 1?
  11. ValleyBoyz

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    No Bruce Irvin or Shea Mcellin?
  12. Cowboy from New York

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    Thanks Dogo. As an addict always wanting more, how often do you see there being merit to updating this list prior to draft day?
  13. silverbear

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    If they were on the list, don't you think SDogo would have included them??

    For everybody asking why their pet cat isn't on this list, SDogo is just the messenger... he's telling us what he's been told...

    If that wasn't the case, McClellin would definitely be on the list, SDogo has said often that Shea is one of his pet cats...

    BTW, just because a player doesn't appear on this list, it doesn't automatically follow that the Boys have no interest in that player... they might just be playing their cards close to the vest when it comes to that player...
  14. SDogo

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    I'll update at least once a week up to the draft. There will be a lot more names to add.
  15. casmith07

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    SODOG ( :lmao: ) any way you can denote your updates with asterisks or something?
  16. SDogo

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    No one wants his name on here more then I do. I have been singing his praises since mid January.

    Also, sometimes you have to more weight in the names not included then the ones who are if you know what I mean.
  17. dgr81

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    Anthony Hooks | CB | New Mexico

    has been invited for a workout
  18. Cowboy from New York

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    Just realized that Alameda Ta'amu wasnt listed. Not that a totally comprehensive list can be provided but any thoughts on him and where Dallas would value him?
  19. ragingbull2488

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    Looks like a QB will be taken in this draft some where. Question is who?
  20. cowboyjoe

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    Hey buddy, I asked a guy on tweeter if cowboys had scheduled visit with player above as well as other teams, He said yes if you want to check up on it.

    Josh Buchanan‏@JoshBDraftReply

    ยท Open

    Chris Greenwood has visits or workouts set up with several teams. Really a hot name right

    Did you find out about the guy I asked about s/punt returner from a small school? His speed?

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