Purely hypothetical, but WOW!!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JPostSam, Apr 25, 2006.

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    if only...

    we trade picks 18 and 224 (total value, 902 points)
    to indy for picks 30 and 62 (total value, 904 points);


    trade picks 80, 150 and 182 (total value, 240 points)
    to pittsburgh for picks 96, 129, 131 and 133 (total value, 239.5 points).

    their "value" on the chart is almost identical, but the new picks are actually "worth" more because the average pick is higher in the draft.


    18, 49, 80, 150, 182, 224 = 701

    701 divided by 6 picks = average position, 117th


    30, 49, 62, 96, 129, 131, 133 = 630

    630 divided by 7 picks = average position, 90th


    that is a HUGE improvement!! there is a LOT more talent to choose from at these positions!!

    ...this is an example for situations in which the now ubiquitous draft pick value chart is simply wrong -- but if indy and pitt wanted to make these trades, i sure hope that dallas would do so in a heartbeat!

    ...and for anyone who doesn't think that these trades would be worthwhile, just do this: next sunday night, compare the picks we have now to the ones i listed above, and see for yourself whether the "new" list would have put us in position to take better players.
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    that would be awesome. Don't forget, we have an extra pick from that.

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