Q&A with Arizona CB Antoine Cason

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 15, 2008.

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    are you trying to intimate that someone on that list other than Ed Reed was a great player? Because there arnt any of those

    I know what rounds Rolle, Buchanon and Taylor were picked in...I also know none of them were worth the draft slots used on them...Buchanon is a 3rd or 4th CB and has been on multiple teams...the Cards are likely moving Rolle to FS and Taylor (rip) was always one of the more overrated players in football...I doubt any safety was roasted as much as he was

    again, your making something out of it that isnt there

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    I'm out of powder and not interested in this.
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    I like Cason i think he is a more than solid player and an obv 1st round draft pick.
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    My idea of a special player is one who can take over games.

    And if you look at the stats that Cason posted while he was at Arizona, he took over games and changed the way that teams worked the field.

    Not to mention he won the Thorpe Award for the best defensive back in college football last year.

    If you drafted players strictly on the numbers they put up in college and not looking at combine numbers and the like, Cason is an EASY top 10 pick. He completely dominated in college football.

    The question with Cason isn't if he is what he is a good but not great player. The question with Cason is if his athleticism will keep him from translating his dominance in college football to the NFL.
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    I drink it up!

    Long thread is unnecessarily long.

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