QB Case Keenum will try to prove at the combine that he's not a "system" quarterback.

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    Arnold is an athletic trainer with a facility called Plex in suburban Houston, where Dre Kirkpatrick and Case Keenum are among the handful of athletes working out. He works with athletes on strength and speed and agility. Last summer, a bunch of NFL players worked out at Plex while they waited for the lockout to end. Wednesday, a bunch of NFL hopefuls worked out there preparing for the NFL Combine.

    Chances are you have heard of two. Kirkpatrick was an All-American cornerback at Alabama. Keenum set all the big NCAA career passing records at Houston. In the world of college football, they are both stars.

    But in the world of professional football, Kirkpatrick is the guy who has everything and Keenum is the guy trying to prove he has something.
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    I'm a Keenum fan.

    It remains to see how he'll test out in the drills. A lot of times "system" guys can be exposed in drills because their shortcomings on-the-field are hidden by their knowledge of the scheme they're running.

    I also thought this was noteworthy about Dre' Kirkpatrick:

    "Arnold said, he has never worked with a player who combined Kirkpatrick's hip movement and foot quickness. It is worth noting, here, that Arnold has trained Charles Woodson."

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