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    Another QB on the rise: Playing at Romo's alma mater Eastern Illinois, this guy is breaking all his records. He has a nation-high 35 TD's already so far this season, and he's starting to get a lot of attention from NFL scouts. Has all the measurables at 6'3", 223 lbs, with really nice mechanics, great footwork, solid arm strength, and great accuracy. Another name to add to the talent pool at QB in this year's draft.



    -Here's some highlights from their win over Illinois St. Obviously the competition isn't great, but you get a look at his great mechanics, arm strength, pinpoint accuracy, and quick release.

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    he is the guy Jerry will draft

    10/21/2013 - Offense versus defense. Defense versus offense. If it sounds like the perfect story line for a college football game, it should be when Eastern Illinois visits Tennessee State in the Ohio Valley Conference matchup of the season on Saturday. The showdown will be one of five conference matchups pitting ranked FCS teams against each other this weekend. On Monday, Eastern Illinois (6-1, 3-0 OVC) moved up one spot to No. 2 in The Sports Network FCS Top 25 - the Panthers' highest ranking since they were in the same position in the Nov. 18, 2002 poll, back when quarterback Tony Romo was at the controls of the offense. Tennessee State (7-1, 4-0) rose three spots to No. 21.
    The only team ahead of EIU was North Dakota State, the two-time defending FCS champion, which gained all 156 first-place votes and 3,900 points in the poll. The Bison have a 7-0 record and are tied with Youngstown State atop the Missouri Valley Football Conference standings. Eastern Illinois and Tennessee State are the only unbeaten teams in OVC play, but they have done so in different fashion. EIU, behind senior quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who has thrown for an FCS-high 2,735 yards and 31 touchdowns, leads the FCS in both scoring offense (48 points per game) and total offense (595.6 yards per game). - Sports Network

    A quarterback prospect who isn't as well-known in a class full for marquee names, Garoppolo has been creating a little bit of a buzz in NFL circles over the last few months. And his productive senior season has only helped those whispers grow louder and louder.
    Garoppolo is completing 65.9 percent of his passes (172-for-261) with 2,359 passing yards and a notable 28-to-4 TD-to-INT ratio, leading Eastern Illinois to a 5-1 record this season. He has faced two FBS-level defenses in 2013 (Northern Illinois, San Diego State) and answered both challenges with impressive performances: 65-for-95 (68.4 percent) for 711 yards, nine touchdown and two interceptions.
    He grades as a top 100 prospect for several, with one scout telling me first round is a real possibility

    Strengths: Good-sized, rhythm quarterback with excellent accuracy, timing and a quick release that really helps him be efficient from the pocket. Sets up quickly and shows good lower body movement skills to evade pressure and deliver from different platforms.

    Weaknesses: Will get dinged by some teams for his "ordinary" arm strength and probably won't be a fit for every team, although he sure looks like he can make all the necessary throws in the NFL.

    --Dane Brugler
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    Piece on him from last season.

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    More highlights from their win over San Diego St.

    And their win over Southern Illinois.

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    Jimmy Garoppolo didn't enter the East-West Shrine Game until late in the second quarter, but the Eastern Illinois quarterback quickly lived up to his lofty advance billing by leading a pair of scoring drives in a 23-13 win by the East.


    Garoppolo hit Coastal Carolina wide receiver Matt Hazel for a 1-yard touchdown late in the second quarter, immediately injecting energy into what had been a lethargic start for both offenses at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla.

    Garoppolo (6-foot-3, 222 pounds) played five series, completing 9 of 14 passes for 100 yards and one touchdown, giving himself plenty of momentum heading into the Reese'sSenior Bowl.

    NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah said during the game he sees Garoppolo as a potential second-round draft pick right now, but would be taken by the third round at the latest, with a chance to use the Senior Bowl, combine and pro day to continue to boost his stock.

    Showcasing an effective compact delivery, good velocity and solid footwork, Garoppolo should be among the most fascinating stories to watch next week.

    Others who stood out included a pair of undersized wide receivers in Jeremy Gallon of Michigan (four receptions for 55 yards) and Chandler Jones of San Jose State (six receptions for 62 yards); Arizona State safety Alden Darby, who had two interceptions; and defensive linemen Ethan Westbrooks of West Texas A&M and Larry Webster of Bloomsburg.

    Webster brought pressure off the edge, reflecting his athleticism as an accomplished college basketball player. But Mike Mayock said scouts are asking Webster if he would consider moving to tight end, always on the lookout for the next Antonio Gates or Jimmy Graham.

    Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch did not fare nearly as well, going just 2-of-7 passing for 3 yards with two interceptions. Lynch never looked comfortable as a passer, but he did add 14 rushing yards on three carries.

    Mayock said before the game on "NFL Total Access" that he still sees Lynch playing quarterback in the NFL, but this performance will only reinforce the idea that he must move to running back or safety to have any chance of carving out a career at the next level.

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    Kid looks really good. If I had to guess, the Saints snatch him up in the 2nd or 3rd to groom behind Brees. Sean Peyton supposedly loves him (he went to his alma mater, along with Romo).

    Look for the Giants to be an option as well.
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    I would be fine taking him in the 3rd to groom and develop. 2nd might be to high right now with other more pressing needs and fact that romo is still the qb for another 2 years atleast.
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    I agree with Sean Payton wanting Garoppolo. If you find the Sean Payton conference call from before the Cowboys/Saints game on DallasCowboys.com you'll hear him talk about Garoppolo quite a bit.

    There's also this article from NFL.com about Tony Romo, Sean Payton and Jimmy Garoppolo from October 2013:


    In that article is this part: Garoppolo is No. 40 on NFL Media draft analyst Gil Brandt's list of the top 100 seniors, and Brandt was told that all 32 teams have been on campus to see Garoppolo this season.

    Great call by the way on Garoppolo. I just mentioned this thread on the other Garoppolo post. I had it in my favorites. :cool:
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    I was Thinking of him as well. We need to draft someone before Tony falls off too. The problem is that I don't think we can, nor should we with all the help we need on defense. Tony deserves every shot at a championship and drafting JimmyG vs a stud dt or de just wouldn't be right.
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    Legit NFL prospect but he's well overrated right now.

    Probably the 5th or 6th best QB in this draft class.
    Very inconsistent with accuracy at Senior Bowl.

    Would be intriguing prospect but he's a couple years away from starting in the NFL.
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    I want him. At worst he's another guy who doesn't make it. At best he's out next franchise QB. Other than the first round, this guy should be all over our board. 2nd round picks count how much against the cap?

    Trade down for a DL in the 1st and add a 3rd. Draft this guy in the 2nd and draft two more front 7 defenders in the 3rd. Jackson Jeffcoat in 4 or 5, and let's play some defense.
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    I wouldn't take Garoppolo in the 2nd. Too much of a project for that high of a pick in my opinion. I'd rather have Brett Smith or Mettenberger 2 rounds later.
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    I actually wouldn't mind this. In fact if today it was between he and Escobar I would go with the QB. If he played well enough in PS you could actually cut Orton as well. Win win IMO.
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    That's the way that I'm looking at it. We know we need defensive line help, but we're getting back Bass, Crawford, and probably Brent, and maybe even Spencer. Hell, Hatcher might hit the market and might not be able to find much more money than we'd be willing to pay at age 33.

    That being said, we don't really need to draft defensive linemen in the first and second rounds, especially given other issues we have. Orton is getting pricey as a backup, and Tony is getting older. Again, as long as we address the defensive line in the first round, I have no problem reaching a bit in the 2nd to add Garappolo to this roster. A 2nd rounder only costs about $1.5M per year against the cap where we're picking, in guaranteed money. I would have absolutely no problem with this team spending what amounts to $3M-$4M on a flyer to see if we can find our next starting QB in the 2nd round.

    We then still have 6 picks in this draft to address other defensive needs, depth, and developmental players. I think Garappolo in the 2nd should be strongly considered.
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    Agreed. I like Garoppolo but not in the 2nd. I think he ends up going early 3rd and we need to spend our first 3 pick on DL, OL, or S, unless a great player at another position really slips.
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    Since I had the Polo Ralph Lauren font laying around. Here's something I threw together.

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    I like your idea of trading down and adding picks.
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    Would be nice to get a young QB we can develop but R2 is too rich for my blood.
    This kid is a prospect but he's not an elite one.
    Mediocre arm strength and inconsistent accuracy.
    Watched every throw he made at Senior Bowl(on coverage on NFL network during week plus game) twice.

    I think this team HAS to have a contribution from it's R2 guy next year.

    Love the trading down idea if pieces fall in place. And in that scenario one of my R3 guys could be a QB or other developmental guy with long-term out of the park potential.
    Outside that though I need my picks to play and help right away.
    We don't have the depth to play around with future picks.

    This kid would probably sit next year even if Romo was out hurt. At least until we were waving a white flag on the season.
    And if that happens we may well be staring at a high pick and new starting QB in 2015 anyways.
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    Don't let one game where he was playing in an unfamiliar situation with unfamiliar players and coaches in limited snaps determine that he suddenly can't throw it and has mediocre accuracy. There's a reason why all 32 teams watched this kid play live this season.

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