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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ufcrules1, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Maybe if people didn't make countless threads that trash Romo then maybe those posters wouldn't have to defend him all the time. I feel bad for people that want Romo, I really do. This franchise has shown me nothing that they can find quarterbacks and have instant success. After Aikman, we had 9 quarterbacks after him and none of them had any success. Romo was on our team for nearly 3 teams before he was given a chance to shine and he's been our quarterback for the last 7 years.

    This team is horrible at finding quarterbacks and I guarantee we will go through the same thing we went through with Aikman when Romo leaves. Fix the damn offensive line and Romo will get us deep into the playoffs and possibly into the Super Bowl. If we don't, Romo is gonna leave and we're gonna spend countless years looking for our next quarterback and all the haters will realize how important Romo was to this team. He's the only reason we're even relevant now and some of you can't grasp that fact.
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    If you think there's no such thing as elimination games and it's just a figment of my imagination here's a few links with others using the term "elimination games" when talking about Romo's 1-6 record do or die record. If you want more let me know. :toast:






    Try looking up their playoff records those are "elimination games."
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    Oh...I guess we should start crying and throwing fits
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    If I'm being honest, and I have to control myself when talking about the 3 untouchables, based on the new rules.

    But, Jerry has not made a real attempt to draft a qualified QB in over 23 years. Of course you're not going to find a QB if you don't try. Picking up trash off the street, drafting 4th rounders in the 2nd round, trying to find baseball players to play football is just bad business.

    And as far as your "real QB" comment, in my opinion, we've not had a real QB since Aikman. To me, a real QB is someone who can lead their team, excuses and all, to the playoffs, win, and put themselves in position to win Super Bowls.

    And, I KNOW Romo is here to stay, and I know everyone wants us to be in a jolly mood, and I'm sure I may have to find another place to vent soon because it's hard to contain my opinions about things I think have held this team back. But until I finally put a nail in my own clove coffin, I will believe that this franchise has wasted 7 years, and will ultimately waste a decade on a fraud QB.

    Nothing anyone on this board, stats, opinions, or a gun to my head, can convince me that Romo is the QB to lead this team to a Super Bowl. And having said all of that, maybe I just won't respond to anymore Romo threads, I will try my best not to, but in case I can't help my self, it's been fun.
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    Only guy ahead of Romo that I question is Matty Ice...he IS younger, but he seems very much like Romo in big games.
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    you romo haters are so unintentionally funny
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    Your post is exactly why Cowboys fans are in love with Romo. You are right that we went through several years with bad QB's before Romo came along. Romo is also way better than those bad QB's. The problem is, you think we simply cannot find another good QB and so you want to hang on to Romo. There have been other good to great QB's drafted recently Colin, Luck, RG3, Dalton, Wilson, etc. So it very possible we can find a solid QB at out there in the draft.
  8. ufcrules1

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    Fair enough. I'm not a big Matty ICE fan. I think he is an example of a player who has a solid team around him and when the going really gets too tough, he folds. He becomes the weakest link on his team thus holding them back from going all the way.
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    Andy Dalton? Really?
  10. ufcrules1

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    I think Andy is a good QB. He has also led his team to the playoffs every year he has been there. He is not great, but then again neither is Romo.

    2010 Bengals were 4-12
    2011 With Dalton 9-7 Playoffs.. HUGE turnaround.
    2012 With Dalton 10-6 Playoffs Improved on 2011 season.

    How about Luck, RG3, Colin, and Wilson?
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    The same knee jerk reactions that happen when someone mentions something slightly negative about Romo far outweighs the knee jerk reactions (if any at all) when someone mentions positive about him.

    The the other poster that quoted me, if people are bashing Romo or have their own personal opinions of him, why can't people just deal with it? Its not healthy to be so emotionally attached to a public figure you have never met and have no real connection with other than the fact that he is the QB of your team. The attachment/sensitivity for Romo, as I said, is very scary. If someone gives him props, but mentions something very slightly negative, there's at least 4 or 5 people that will quote that individual to defend that very slight negative comment. Let it go. I understand this is a forum and opinions will obviously be expressed but why do people feel the need to jump at every single negative comment, as vague as it may be, in Romo's defense.

    There's a ton of positive comments/threads about Romo since I've been here and the amount of "haters" that respond to those positive threads is significantly less than someone making a SLIGHT comment about something negative about Romo. I mean, its gotten to the point where this topic, regardless of what you think the posters intention was, has been completely derailed. If someone decides to make a topic about drafting a QB, I can put my salary on someone taking that as a slight jab to Romo and inserting a "well if we draft someone we have to get an oline because Romo makes this oline way better than it is" type of comment.

    Yoda: "Learn to let go, of everything you fear to lose. Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed that is. " :laugh2:
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    There's in between bus driver and great quarterback.. The Redskins have gone to and won all their Super Bowls with good quarterbacks who were not great. Billy Kilmer (gone to, but did not win), Joe Theismann, Doug Williams, Mark Rypen. Those guys all have one thing in common: They were good, but not great. But they weren't bus drivers either. The point is, you can win the Super Bowl with a good quarterback who isn't great. It requires a top-notch team. If you want to win it with a bus driver QB, on the other hand, you need a superb defense and a running game.
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    You are correct, but that´s something that could happen back in the day, in today´s NFL you´ll almost always need a great QB or at least great QB play in the playoffs and SB (Flacco) in order to win.
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    I would agree with this opinion above. Last time a bus driver went to the superbowl was Grossman and that Bears defense took him there. Ultimately, he ended up being their weakest link and choked as you would expect a bus driver QB to do throwing a few INT's.
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    And again have the Cowboys proved to you in the past that their good at finding quarterbacks? There is no rookie quarterback that's gonna come in and be successful with this team. None. You honestly think Luck, RG3 or any of those rookie quarterbacks would've got us to the playoffs with our current team?
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    Subconsciously people want to believe their favorite team has a Quarterback that can lead their team to the Sb. The mentality of-" Aw well another 8-8 season, No big deal at least we still have a franchise QB. If we get this and that, and fix this and that, and do this and that, we'll be a ok." It's denial and a lack of accountability.

    I truely believe with every fiber in my body that Tony Romo cannot lead this team to a Sb. He can put up good stretches of games and might get us to the play-offs. But in order for this team to win anything in the post-season Romo needs a team that is stacked around him. A team that can bail him out if he gets in a funk.

    My buddy said it best about Romo- He expects Romo to choke, while I hope he doesn't.

    I don't care either if this offends anyone, it's how I feel and I won't go walking on egg shells so people don't get their feelings hurt. As of respect to the new rules however this will be the last time I mention anything about Romo until we start getting into the off-season.
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    It's been 22 years since Washington won a SB and one big reason they haven't been in contention the past couple of decades is not having a solid QB. Since Rypien they've gone through at least 6 staring QB's the past 18 years. They went from a 5 win team in 2011 to a contender in 2012 with the addition of RG3. The game has changed since Washington won SB's under Theismann, Williams and Rypien. The NFL has become a pass happy league and a lot more is put on the plate of a QB. They have be able to carry their team on their shoulders because you can no longer win championships with a running game and a great defense. You have to have a QB who can produce in big games and not make mistakes.

    During the 70's and 80's most SB's weren't very competitive a lot of them ended in blowouts because teams could dominate by running the ball and playing great defense. Some QB's who won SB's decades ago didn't produce much like Theismann who only put up 143 yards with 2 TD's and 2 ints vs Miami in the 82 SB. He was aided by Riggins 166 yards and a defense that only gave up 176 yards and 9 first downs.

    The 85 Bears and 2001 Ravens won SB's with QB's who couldn't start in todays game because those games were won with defense. It's when the NFL started becoming a QB driven passing league that SB's started going down to the wire. It's hard to keep a team down with the rules the way they are and the prolific passers we see in todays game. We saw SF come back from a big deficit in the NFC title game and the SB to have a chance to win in the final minutes. You can't cover up for an inadequate QB with a running game and a strong defense in todays game. At some point an average QB will be exposed when it's down to them having to make plays for their team to win. Every season SB's are coming down to QB's having to make plays to win in the closing minutes.

    QB's have been named the SB MVP the last 4 years. The QB's that are winning championships in todays game are throwing TD's and not turning the ball over in elimination games. Go back and compare Eli's numbers during the postseason and SB in 07 with his numbers during the postseason and SB in 2011. He had to produce a lot more 5 years later to win another championship. More and more is being asked of a QB because games are being put on their shoulders.
  18. KJJ

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    It's due to the fact that Atlanta has been making the playoffs and the Cowboys haven't. Ryan did get Atlanta to an NFC title game this past season and played very well more than good enough to win that game. It's easy to see why he's ranked ahead of Romo.
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    Why is Matt Ryan rated so much higher than Romo?...Does anyone realize they both have the same playoff record?? Thats right 1-3...so why doesnt anybody call Ryan a choker?? Oh thats right..he doesnt play in Dallas...I guess we should have had our starting qb go to prison. Then people might appreciate Romo the way they do "Matty Ice"...which fits because he freezes up in the playoffs
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    For me it's about their age and potential. Romo has pretty much peaked in my opinion and in 2012 he showed signs of regressing. Ryan just had his best season...

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