QB ranking by tier including Romo

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ufcrules1, Feb 4, 2013.

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    You have to evaluate the entire season (regular season/playoffs) when judging a QB but ultimately they earn their strips in elimination games unless they're setting NFL passing records during the regular season like Dan Marino. It's the postseason where QB's gain the respect of their peers and from those in the media as well as from fans. A lot of QB's throughout history have produced during the regular season only to fold in do or die situations. Joe Montana is considered the greatest QB of all time mainly because of how he performed in elimination games. There's a lot of QB's who've put up better regular season numbers than Montana but no one was better than him when it mattered most.

    In this era you're not going to see many if any QB's win during the "postseason" putting up 100 yards with a 50% completion percentage. Even though RG3 only put up 100 yards completing only 50% of his passes vs the Cowboys in the season finale he didn't turn the ball over. Even though RG3's passing numbers weren't good he still made some plays on a gimpy knee picking up 63 yards on only 6 carries. He converted some key 3rd downs on an injured knee. The bottom line was he didn't do anything to get his team beat unlike Romo who had 3 costly turnovers.

    In the playoffs vs Seattle RG3 was clearly hampered by his knee and was outplayed by Wilson. The NFL has become a duel between QB's and the QB who plays the best especially in elimination games their team usually comes out on top. For the 4th straight year a QB has won the SB MVP award. Flacco outplayed Kaepernick. Flacco was steady, made plays and didn't turn the ball over. Turnovers get you beat in elimination games and turnovers have been Romo's biggest issue when it's been make or break. He's suffered 11 turnovers in his 6 elimination game losses. He didn't suffer any turnovers in the Cowboys playoff win vs Philly in 09.

    One of the main reasons Brady hasn't won a championship since 04 is due to the fact that he's been outplayed by the opposing QB in elimination games. He suffered 2 turnovers vs the Ravens in the AFC title game and his passer rating was only 62.3. His big game performances as of late are starting to damage his reputation some. He was outplayed by Eli in both NE's SB losses to the Giants. Brady has suffered 4 turnovers in his 2 SB losses and AFC title game loss this past season. All this talk about him being better than Montana has gone away.
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    But I'm sure this post will go ignored and the usual "its the o-lines fault" excuses will come into play.
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    I understand Griffin didn't turn the ball over. But that's my point. He didn't have to do anything but not mess up to win the game. Romo can't win like that.

    Tony Romo could never win any game with this roster throwing for 100 yards and completing half his passes. We'd get blown out of the building. Griffin was carried to the win by a 200 yard rusher and an opposing QB that has to take chances to make up for a lackluster and, in key spots, inept supporting cast.

    Give Romo that run game. Force Griffin to carry the team. Watch the results reverse.
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    You do know that the QB is responsible for every loss, right? On the flip side, the QB is the one that wins all the games by himself, right?

    All the other players on each side of the coin are just there to look pretty. :cool:

    RG 2-1/2 would have had both his knees broken behind the line that Romo had to play with.

    Correct me of I'm wrong, but didn't the Cowboys only have like 50 something yards rushing against the Redskins? :confused:

    Football is a one man show to some people. It's as though they have never played a "team" sport. Maybe it's a golf thing...
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    That's not all that is dead!

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    You're wrong you need to go back and review that game RG3 did have to make a few plays with his arm and legs to help secure that win. He didn't pass for many yards but he converted some key 3rd downs with his legs and arm to keep drives alive that kept the Cowboys offense off the field. What ultimately won the game for Washington was Morris slashing through the Cowboys defense for 200 yards with 3 TD's along with Romo's 3 turnovers.

    The following week against Seattle RG3 did nothing he had a poor game. He had a turnover and wasn't effective passing or running the ball. He was unable to convert many 3rd downs and was outplayed by Wilson who was efficient and didn't turn the ball over.
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    So, Morris rushing for 200 yards is Romo's fault?

    And, at least one of Romo's int's was the fault of the receiver...otree I think.

    And another of Romo's int's was because as soon as the ball was snapped he had a rusher in his face instantly. So, that was Romo' fault also.

    Come on, man!

    And to add to that...the Cowboy's defense were playing with scrubs off the streets! Again, that is Romo's fault. Get real, KJJ! You are better than that.

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    Just a reminder for some.
    Before this year, here are a couple of Flacco's stats in Playoff WINS

    4-10, 34 yards (you read that right), 0 TDs, 1 int...10 passer rating (worst ever)....WIN
    9-23, 135 yards, 0 TD, 0 int, 59 passer rating....WIN

    And here's one of his losses
    13-30, 141 yards, 0 TDs, 3 ints, 18 passer rating

    You can't make this stuff up.

    I know he was zoning in these playoffs and I actually think he really has turned the corner. But he'll need to put a great regular season together at least one these years before I put him way up there.
    That was a great 3 game stretch, but this guy has been very inconsistent over time.

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    So Romo deserves none of the blame for that loss? He played good enough for the Cowboys to win in your opinion? :cool: No one is putting all the blame on Romo but he was clearly part of the reason the Cowboys lost that game you don't agree? When the game came down to him having to make plays for the Cowboys to win he turned the ball over with the game on the line. Who do you blame for that turnover? I like Romo but some of the responsibility for these elimination game losses has to fall on him he's the QB.

    As for the Cowboys defense even when they were healthy they got shredded by Seattle and Chicago earlier in the season that's why Ryan was fired and changes are being made to the defense. The defense starts showing cracks every year when it's down to make or break regardless who the Cowboys have out there. These elimination game losses are a total team effort but Romo will always receive most of the blame because of his turnovers.
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    Yeah, that's what I said...now show me where I said that.

    Romo made some mistakes during the game, so did the other players on his TEAM.

    So, I don't place "blame" on any player when the team looses a game. No good team will "blame" their teammates, but stupid cowboy fans want to "blame" it on one player.

    "But...Romo is the QB of America's Team, he should be able to leap buildings in a single bound"!


    I hope you don't have one of those special cards that they give you in Cali. You know...
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    I've got Romo number 1 on the list
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    Yep, me too...if that list is the Cowboy's depth chart.
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    I didn't accuse you of saying anything I asked you a question and you highlighted it. lol I asked does Romo not deserve some of the blame for that loss? All you did in your previous post was point the finger at other players. Other players made mistakes on the team but no mistake was bigger than the mistake Romo made in the closing minutes with the game on the line.

    That mistake was on HIM and it was a mistake like many others he's made during his career that will stay etched in the minds of all his critics. All the teams that came up short this postseason did so partially because their QB's didn't have their best stuff all the way to the end. The only QB who did was Flacco and his numbers compared to the QB's he faced says it all.
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    This coming from a fan who a few days ago was doubting Larry Allen would be a first ballot Hall of Famer. :laugh2:
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    I think its pretty accurate but I think I would drop Big Ben down few spots.
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    I think we all can agree with this. :hammer:
    Great post.
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    Romo won big in 2011 vs the Rams passing for only 166 yards due to Murray's franchise record 253 yards rushing. Anytime you have a back rush for 200 yards or more a QB usually won't have many yards passing. What you're ignoring is although RG3 had only 100 yards passing in the season finale he converted several 3rd downs and had 63 yards on 6 carries converting several more 3rd downs and didn't commit any turnovers. If you look at Romo's career he's won very few games in which he's had multiple turnovers.

    Turnovers put the opposing offense back on the field giving them extra opportunities. Morris wouldn't have rushed for 200 yards had he not been given extra opportunities due to those 3 turnovers. He picked 64 yards and a TD with the extra opportunities he was given from those turnovers. Turnovers inspire the opponent especially in an elimination game and put the defense back on the field. Romo does have to play great for the Cowboys to win because they don't have a running game or a solid defense that steps up. The problem is Romo never plays great when he faces adversity in do or die games.

    He played terrific in week 16 vs NO putting up over 400 yards and 4 TD's with no turnovers but the defense was horrid costing the Cowboys the game. Had Romo turned the ball over multiple times in that game the Cowboys would have gotten blown out. Romo's passer rating vs NO was 123.8 and it was 55.9 vs Washington.
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    Great, another "Bash Romo" thread. I don't think we have had one for a couple days.

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