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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DEZBRYANT x88x, Apr 19, 2012.

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    So I look at about 10 mocks every day here. I see theyre split about Broyles going in the 3rd to us some having him go in the 4th to us... My question is do we take the chance he falls to us in the 4th or do we go after him in the 3rd? Cause after watching tape on him, I really really want him here!!!

    I just wanna know what you guys think.. Thank you. :star:
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    IMO, if we happened to trade down in the first and pick up an extra 3rd as a result, then he could be a target. But, I wouldn't want to use the only 3rd on a WR as we have too many OL and Defensive needs...this guy is a luxury pick and he is coming off of an injury, so 3rd round scares me a little...
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    A 3rd wide receiver is not a luxury. It is a necessity. A good 3rd wide out will do quite a bit for our offense. Ogletree does not beat many nickle corners.
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    Yeah I don't know where the idea that a WR is a luxury pick comes from. Austin has shown he has issues staying healthy, Dez as amazing as he is has yet to prove he's a #1 who can do it by himself and Robinson showed how important that #3 slot guy can be and with him gone we have the options of Ogletree, Harris, Holmes and Radway all of which have shown.........well not much.
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    ^THIS! Right on.
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    Agreed. We have two NFL receivers on our roster. We need four.
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    He had a second round grade by most analysts prior to his injury, but the injury dropped him several rounds. Because of this, I had us taking Broyles with our second pick in the fourth round, and it wasn't hard to believe he'd be there. But that was before he showed so well at his pro day, proving to scouts that he would, indeed, be ready to go.

    His stock is climbing steadily at this point, and I don't think there's any way he makes it to even our first forth-rounder. There are too many teams sitting at the top of the 4th (Indy, Minnesota, and St. Louis could all use a receiver or two) that would jump on him if he were still on the board after Day 2. So unless you want to package picks this year (or include one from next year) to jump up to the first pick on Day 3, I think the Cowboys would have to pull the trigger in round 3, if they really want him.

    This is the kind of move they like to make, considering they'd be getting a good value for a guy with a higher talent level coming off of an injury (see Chris Canty, Sean Lee, Bruce Carter, etc.). Also, note that, while Carter hasn't yet proven himself, those other two guys proved to be excellent value picks.

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