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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cortacuse, Jul 23, 2013.

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    I'm going to be going to the cowboys broncos game and was wondering what the best plan of action would be as far as where to get a hotel....... Will be traveling with two other friends..... Are we better staying close to the airport or hotel?..... Not sure if we should rent a car or grab cabs either...... Any info is greatly appreciated
  2. ufcrules1

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    How many days are you here for? I would for sure get a rental car and just pick a hotel close to the airport. It's only about 15 miles from the stadium.(If you are flying into DFW) or 23 miles from lovefield. I would advise flying into DFW if you can. Plus after the game you will be right by the airport.
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  3. TheKey

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    Get a hotel with a free shuttle to the game. You'll thank me later.
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    Ive done without a rental and with a rental. Its cheaper to use a rental. Well at least it was for me because i like to see wverything Dallas has to offer. I dont know if people that live in texas know how good traffic is after a game but traffic isnt bad at all some people might think so but to me it doesnt seem bad. But id take the shuttle if your hotel provides a shuttle to the game. Id stay at a hotel closer to Dallas/ Airport. Seems to me that theres more going one in the area than there is in Arlington. If your there for only 1 day or something stay closer to the stadium. That way you can take in what your actually there for which is to see the stadium and the cowboys. Take a tour of the stadium. take advantage by shopping in stores in the area because they have a ton of Dallas Cowboys stuff. Its always soooo cool to walk into a walmart and just see a ton of dallas cowboys stuff for sale. Im used to seeing Packers stuff only!.

    Let me ask a question to you guys from texas. Im coming down for the packer vs cowboys game this year. Im looking for 1. A Honky Tonk to learn how to line dance. And 2 REAL texas BBQ. I know there are chain stores everywhere and Mexiacan food to die for. Ive had good steak in dallas but i feel like that isnt really a good representation for local BBQ places
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    I know there is a big place in Fort Worth called the Stage Coach to dance.
    You would have to go to their site to find out about line dancing.

    I have been told, after I made the mistake of doing it, guys don't line dance.

    There was a thread a few months back about BBQ.
    Google it - best BBQ in Texas. There are a few places in the Metroplex that will qualify - and people here have inside knowledge.
  6. Doomsday101

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    Embassy Suite in Irvin not far from air port or the stadium.
  7. Cortacuse

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    Thnx everybody for the advice.
  8. xvendettax914

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    I have been to 2 games from New York. The first time i booked a room at "dfw hotel and conference center" mistake. The most AWFUL hotel ive ever been to. So i relocated to springhill suites in las colinas. Great spot. The 2nd time i booked at the omni park west. Amazing hotel. Was for the bears game. In fact i went down for breakfast one morning only to run into jerry jones at the hotel restaurant sitting right behind me. Omni park west was just incredible in every aspect. I did not rent a car the first tome. BIG mistake. Second time was golden.
  9. DejectedFan1996

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    Thank you for this topic. I'll be going to this game as well and its my first time in Dallas and first game at a Cowboys stadium (have gone to games against Giants, and Philly).

    I may be traveling solo because friends cant come up with the money. If this is the case, I won't arrive until Friday night but was curious about the hotels and such as well.
  10. TheCowboy

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    I definitely advise renting a car either way but still look for that hotel with a free shuttle. Since your flying you won't be tailgating unless you join someone's. Rent a car just to drive around Dallas and get the shuttle to and from the game because you don't want to be driving in it.
  11. Irving Cowboy

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    I would advise using Star Sports Tours. That's the best way to go.

    Stay away from Maximum Sports.
  12. Future

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    lol not this again...
  13. CyberB0b

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    Parking is God awful at Cowboys Stadium. Isn't it like $100?
  14. Irving Cowboy

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    If he doesn't want to take a chance on being ripped off, then yes... this again.
  15. DejectedFan1996

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    What is star sports tours?
  16. NuttyRex

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    I spent $20 and parked at the baseball stadium. The walk was a breeze. It helps having thousands of people walking in at the same time.

    I'm busy with work until December, so the only game I can attend is against the Packers. How difficult do you think it will be to grab a pair on Ticketmaster this Friday?

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