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    It strikes me that many of us are getting wrapped up in the politics of our Government and not really looking at it for what it is. I touched on this in another thread but I thought I might bring it up as a point of discussion to see if we might examine where we are at in todays society. Do you consider yourself to be for the people or do you consider yourself to be more closely aligned with a political party?

    Sometimes I have a hard time keeping in straight in my own head. Think about it. Would you do whats best for the American people or would you side with a political strategy first?

    Open for discussion.
  2. Sam I Am

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    I tend to judge for myself on each issue rather than lean towards a political party's views. I find myself agreeing with points for both major parties and disagreeing with all political figures as a whole on other issues.

    In the end, I try to choose between the least of two evils when a decision has to be made on my part as a voter...
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    I am for the people.

    Thats why I have tried to give Obama the benefit of doubt until he proves what others are saying about him.

    I consider myself a Conservative but I disagree with the Conservative mainstream about a great many things.

    Many of us end up arguing points against certain posters instead of our true beliefs. I am very guilty of that.

    3 things really set me off

    If you attack my religion, my country, or the men I served with and still feel like I am a part of.

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    I'm definitely pro people... I don't care for either party...

    Being a conservatarian, I more closely align with the Republicans on social issues, but neither one of them have a clue about budgetary spending or control...

    Neither of the two parties care for us except for the fact that they need us to stay in power. I think that makes them resent us even more. "How dare those peons have a say in my desire to serve the people"...

    Only financial contributors matter to either party...
  5. Sam I Am

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    I see how any of these can bother people, but if it upsets you. Step back and ask yourself how it's actually hurting me?

    Your beliefs are important to you. What do other people's beliefs have to do with you? If you get angry, walk away. It's better (less stressful) for you.

    Like Darwin's theories and how some people get so upset by them. If you don't believe it, then don't subscribe to it. Just because "Jim", "Bob", or "Jennifer" believes in it, why does "Jason" have to get all bent out of shape about it?

    It's stupid. Wasting way to much energy on something that has zero effect on how someone lives their life...
  6. iceberg

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    i'm conservative by nature, can be a moderate in many issues, but i would never go way out of my way to make people believe like i do. it either happens by my own actions or words, or it doesn't.

    it's not my place, for example, to tell a woman she can't have an abortion. if i'm the father i have a role in it and we'll come to a mutual decision - but i'd be totally against abortion. but i'm not judge/jury here, that's between their religion and them when they die.

    gay marriages. who cares? go screw it up as bad as the traditional sense has. then again i've never been or ever wanted to be married so this is like a non-issue to me.

    i do tire of "subset rights" being tossed about as if the law has to and should fix everyone's personal issues. i get tired of every ethnic culture having to put "something-american" in front of their title. why? pride? i have no problem with that except that if you push the white mans point of view you're racist.

    history damns the future far too often. in the end i simply want to be proud of my country and my cultures (whatever that is) accomplishments also.

    i want people to work for what they get and am all for helping people up but very against handing "value" out as if it has no value. why? because when you do it, it doesn't. when you make everyone a winner why work for it? come in 5th you're still a winner.

    we've taken it to the point of we have to bring the best down to feel better about ourselves vs making ourselves work to get better and that's dangerous. so very dangerous.

    no one owes us a living and human rights only exist by a culture that places a value upon them to protect them. having those rights is as much a fault of birth as being born itself.

    born in a 3rd world country that leaders starve the people or worse, you life will suck and be a constant challenge. but you have ZERO rights cause no one will fight for them and protect them.

    born here people think base human rights are an entitlement, not a gift we continue to protect. being gay doesn't entitle you to any subset of rights but it shouldn't keep you from rights either, but again, the culture can and will decide that as it evolves and is allowed to by their own progression. so while i understand the push for subset rights, i often wonder if we're pushing the whole "rights" thing too far. how much can or should we guarantee?

    we have what we do because of a hell of a lot of work and determination that we need so desperately to find as a country again. i see it, but the people willing to do that are not normally the whiners who demand attention for their personal booboo.

    if we tend to that booboo and fix it for them, that's how they'll fix it again later - whine. if we let them bleed, survival will kick in soon enough and they'll fix it on their own.

    so my values are conservative by and large. anyone surprised? but i want to listen and i want to understand and if you put it no a spectrum of say 10 - 0 - 10 for being the far radical to center to far radical to the other side i'd likely be in the 5-6 range to the conservative side but i want to find a way to put a bridge between the two to help both sides realize many times we say the same thing from another perspective and the message gets lost in titles and stereotypes because those are easier to argue against than people.

    so i want to help people regardless of the stereotypes involved with labels.

    no idea if i answered the question or not.
  7. iceberg

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    if they're attacking him for his beliefs or who he served with, the whole "zero effect" goes out the window.

    like when either side tries like crazy to put their values on the other person. force, if you will. still "zero effect"?
  8. bbgun

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    What politician doesn't think his policies and actions are in the best interests of the US, if not the world? It's the central conceit of politics.
  9. theogt

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    I'm for myself.
  10. theebs

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  11. Sam I Am

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    That becomes harrasment, and you can do something about that. Well, unless your a public figure, but then. You put yourself in the public eye and are susceptible to what that brings.

    It's like the movie An Amercian President. Michael Douglas (as the president) said, "This is NOT the business of the American people!" Martin Sheen replied. "With all due respect, sir, the American people have a funny way of deciding on their own what is and what is not their business."
  12. iceberg

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    so then where do i file an injunction to stop liberals from trying to tell me how to live my life all the time because they know better?
  13. Sam I Am

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    Ignore them, just like I ignore those that I believe are preaching bull****. If I see Joel Olsteen on TV, I just pass right on by. :laugh2:
  14. DallasEast

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    I'm a registered independent, but that has never prevented me from voting liberally, conservatively and/or moderately. I have voted for issues and candidates of various parties for what I believed best benefitted my community, my city, my parish, my state or my country.

    That's as far as I'll comment. Politics is a emotional subject for practically everyone and I'm by no means an exception to that particular rule. :)
  15. CowboyDan

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    I'm a registered Republican, who has voted nothing but Democratic and who's stance on the issues are pretty much right down the middle. :D
  16. Sam I Am

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    So you're a Demopublican? :laugh2:

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    Thats how the Crusades started. Too many people try to force beliefs on others, especially religious beliefs. Im very opinionated, but I dont try to force my beliefs on others, if they dont believe what I believe then so be it. That doesnt mean either of us is wrong though.
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    I'm absolutey for the people above any party affiliation. No real thought required from me on that one.
  19. JBond

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    We have veered far off the road our founding fathers set out for us.
  20. Temo

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    I try to stay as non-political as possible. It's an exhausting process, politics.

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