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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Jack-Reacher, Nov 19, 2005.

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    I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I am leaning firmly against my newbie status so I can plead ignorance and ask anyway! LOL

    For those of us who were fans of the cowboys when Jerry Jones bought the team certainly recall all of the turmoil he created almost immediately. The firing of Coach Landry in particular and the hiring of Jimmy Johnson who was hated almost unanimously at first. The question is this: At what point did you begin to appreciate what Jerry Jones has done for the franchise? Do you appreciate what he has done? Has he honored the legacy of this team?

    I ask this question because of the questions surrounding TO possibly coming to Dallas. No this isn’t a what do you think of TO it just got me to thinking that it could set JJ back almost as much as he was when he bought the team.

    I personally could not stand the guy initially and it wasn’t until the trouble between Jerry and Jimmy that I started warming up to the guy. I realized then that he is dedicated to winning but I still had reservations about him. The hiring of Bill Parcells has since removed all of my reservations and the fact that he has relinquished control to Parcells played a major role in this.

    I don’t want to isolate the board but I would really like the opinions of those of us who lived through all of these times. Especially if you were around for the Staubach era. This is when I became a fan, if you can remember Meredith playing then you are probably too old to type, or if you helped the Dallas Texans move to Kansas City then unplug from life support long enough to reply and god bless you.. lol j/k

    Seriously, I would like your opinions!

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    I attended my first Cowboys game in 1966. Who's to old to type. :(
  3. Jack-Reacher

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    Holy cow how bad do you shake? ;)

    I hope nobody took offense at my post, it is late my son is not sleeping and things that might not be funny seem to be!
  4. CliffnMesquite

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    Shake? Hell I was only six years old! ;) :D
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    Old?.......hell, I was a senior at SMU when Don Meredith was a sophomore!.....I still get a big kick out of the boys and have been watching about them on TV forever! How is this for a fan.........I was in Korea in "67-68" and I had my wife tape the "Ice Bowl" game off the radio and send me a tape I mean the old "reel to reel" type that all you youngsters have probably never seen..........I guarantee you one thing: If I lived close to Big D I would have season tickets every year for the remainder of my great life..........How is that for old....... :laugh2:
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    I guess I'm one of the few that didn't hate Jerreh from day 1. Quite honestly I liked the guy and liked what he was doing. If anyone tells you they were still on the Tom Landry bandwagon at the end of 1988 I would have to call them a fibber... literally everyone was calling for Landry's head at that point-- respectfully of course! :) God knows Tom did earn that respect and obviously Jerreh's handling of the whole dismissal created a PR nightmare for the new ownership. But even then I could see that the previous ownership did a huge disservice to Jerry Jones BY NOT CLEANING OUT THE HOUSE before Jerry took over. That was pure cowardice by Bum & the rest.

    By I remember to this day Jerry and Jimmy coming out and talking about how they were going to rebuild the team and were going to be aggressive about it. I applauded that because it was bold and aggressive. And I would applaud the signing of Terrell Owens the same way. I like bold and aggressive and who knows how far you can really go unless you go there? When on their death-bed most people regret what they haven't done in life as opposed to what they have done and if we have a legit chance at signing TO at a price that we can afford I so go for it and don't look back! Super-bowls are not easy to win and this could be the one thing that puts us over the top. And on that end I say...

    Go Cowboys! :)
  7. Jack-Reacher

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    You sir have my utmost respect and admiration!!
  8. Jack-Reacher

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    Would you feel the same way if Jerry and Jimmy had not been successful? Bringing in TO does not gaurantee a SB victory. Being bold is one thing, taking insane risks are quite another. Is it possible for this team to get to and win the SB without signing TO? I think it is.

    It wasn't so much that he fired Landry, it was how it was done that got everyone's panties in a wad.
  9. Big D

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    A little background on me: My earliest memories of the cowboys were of Calvin Hill who was my favorite. I was only a toddler at the time but i can vividly remember the excitement that Calvin generated in my household. I hope that doesn't make me too OLD!

    I honestly Began to Appreciate Jerry the moment he took over and fired landry. I know the way it was done was kinda shady but it was the one thing that everyone seemed to know needed to be done but were too afraid to admit it. Could he have done it in a more classy manner? Sure, but as a new NFL owner you have to respect the way he came in swinging.

    As far as the boys legacy goes, I think he's done just fine and in the tradition of Tex Schramm he's been on the frontline when it comes to innovating and expanding the league. IMO he's the best owner in football not because hes a saavy businessman but because he seems to have the same love for the boys as I do.
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    Boy Jon when you start throwing out "ifs" like that it could change the dynamics of any question such as...

    "If the south won the Civil War would you still think X?"
    "If JFK hadn't been assassinated would you still think X?"
    "If you hadn't seen the picture of Hos wearing a dress would you still think X?"

    See what I mean?

    But the fact is they did accomplish what they did.

    And I can tell you from being a business consultant for many years and working with over 2,000 of them... and by just being someone that studies people... We end up losing far more by being unaggressive when the opportunity hits than we do by being overly aggressive. Man's (generally speaking) low tolerance for risk holds us back in so many areas. And that's why I applaud Jerry Jones. He's committed a lot of mistakes but it was due to over aggressiveness as opposed to say Bid Bidwell and the Browns whom I see as being very passive when it comes to this sport and no matter what bad decisions Jerry has made over the years I would still take the Cowboys over just about every organization in football.

    Again, if we have a reasonable shot at TO that doesn't kill us cap wise-- I say go for it! ;)
  11. Cbz40

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    I'll admit I'm to Old to type so I will keep this short plus I must leave for work in a few minutes...........

    The first Cowboy game that I watched on TV the QB is pictured in my Sig. I was in the 10th grade.

    As far as the boys legacy, Jerry has done in my opinion a great job....if he had not some would have wanted to run him out of town on a rail. Removing a legend took guts but for most, it was the correct move.

    I'm glad Jerrys our owner......The question concerning the signing of TO....I would not be in favor of the move but then again it would not surprise me at all........that's our owner. :D
  12. MichaelWinicki

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    Mornin Pops!

  13. Cbz40

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    Morning Michael.......Have a grerat day.
  14. diehard2294

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    I never paid much attention to owners when I was younger. I have bad memories of the steeler losses,and "The Catch" I began to pay attention to owners when Jerry bought the team,I didn't like how he handled the Landry situation. But as a fan I thought their needed to be a switch. I was leary about the JJ act,but I liked their emotion and the passion they seemed to have for getting the organization back to where it belonged.
  15. Juke99

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    Well, I certainly remember Meredith playing and yes, Cbz is too old to type.

    Regarding Jones. He's a business man. I've been involved in several business acquisitions. The first thing that is done, every time, is the new owners put their people in place to protect their interests.

    So, no surprise that Jerry fired Landry.

    The manner in which it was done was certainly questionable but some of that had to do with circumstances beyond Jones' control and in spite of the fact that many Dallas Cowboy faithful were calling for Landry's head, they would have freaked regardless of how Jones went about it.

    At the time, I recall being instantly psyched. The infusion of youth and new philosophies was pretty exciting. I didn't freak out over the 1-15 start. It really was time for change AND I respected how Jones and Johnson cleaned house. Too many franchises try to rebuild and win at the same time because they don't want to lose $$$ but putting a bad product on the field. Jones/Johnson were smart enough to know that a bad product for one season was much better than a mediocre one for several seasons.

    So, my respect for Jones started pretty early spite of the fact that I always cringe when I hear and see him speak.

    On the other hand, I lost respect for him almost as quickly when his ego kicked in later on and when he started to treat the fan base as morons by continually trying to market and sell his product rather than actually building it...which would have been marketing enough.

    Now, I'm riding the fence. Parcells is strong. A good hire in spite of the fact that there is some stuff I disagree with. He's done a good job in turning the franchise around, foundationally.

    The big questions will arise when he's gone.

    That's when we'll see if Jones has learned anything from all of this. He either goes out and hires another strong coach or he figures he's learned it all from Parcells and he can bring in another puppet because he now knows how to call all the shots.

    We'll see.
  16. Hostile

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    That's just bad ***. One of the best stories of devotion I've heard in a long time.
  17. Hostile

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    Let me start by saying that I love Tom Landry to this day. I feel like the new stadium should bear his name. The statue is nice, but it's not enough.

    I felt like Tom was not going to get the team back to the top of the NFL. 2 seasons before Jones bought the team I started coveting Jimmy Johnson. His Hurricanes teams were exciting to the point of electric.

    I was shocked that Bum Bright sold the team so soon after buying it from Clint Murchison. Bum was a good man, but his ownership style reminded me a little of Bill Bidwell and I was not fond of that. Didn't really matter, everyone knew Tex Schramm ran the team.

    Tex, Gil Brandt, and Tom. There from the beginning. The original triplets. Others can say things about them in a negative manner (especially Gil), but I never will. They exuded class and they brought more to the NFL (especially Tex and Tom) than any other management group. The list of their contributions is amazing.

    I was excited that Jimmy was coming to Dallas, but my heart was heavy over the firings. When Jerry introduced Jimmy Johnson he said he'd "be worth 5 first round draft picks" and he was.

    Jerry was brash, reminded me of George Steinbrenner, but he was effective and dynamic. He had my almost immediate respect.

    He lost a lot of that respect over the 500 coaches thing. He lost almost all of it when he hired Barry, Chan, and Dave. I don't want blue light specials for Head Coach of the flagship organization of the NFL. That's why I support Bill Parcells so much. He's a return to what we as the fans deserve, a universally respected figure at the helm.

    I started liking Jerry again when Michael Irvin got hurt. I honestly do not know if any other owner would have left the game like he did to be with his player. Since that day I've grown to love him as an owner. I think he's the best in the game and probably in all of sports.

    How would this translate to TO? I honestly can't answer that. I don't want the man anywhere near the team. I don't deny he's talented. He's never made a difference though either. We're getting the job done just fine with the personnel we have and they aren't rocking the boat. If it happens I'm not going to like it but I support this team. I will continue to do so. I will say this the day he leaves will be a better day than the day he arrives if it happens. For me anyway. I honestly believe he'd be 2 steps backwards. Not a direction I want to go.
  18. notherbob

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    I don't understand why anyone would want to sign T. O. when Abu Musab al-Zarkawi is clearly available - he hasn't signed anywhere to my knowledge. He may not be able to catch as well as T. O., but he could damn sure blow up defenses and would be at least as honorable as T. O.
  19. TheSkaven

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    Geez, that was only 1989, not that long ago! :)

    Fans were very, very upset with Jerry Jones for the way he handled the Tom Landry firing. I know people who are still not Cowboys fans today because of it, they swore off the team forever. But most fans came back around when they saw what a good coach Jimmy Johnson was, and especially once the playoff run began.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    :bow: Great story!

    It's funny, Jerry buying the team wasn't THAT long ago, but coverage was so much different then. We didn't have 24-hour ESPNews and the internet to follow along every second. But I still remember that picture of Jerruh and Jimmuh eating at that mexican food restaurant in Dallas... That was when everyone knew for sure what was going on.

    What I remember was that everyone knew the organization needed a shakeup, but they weren't sure how to go about it. The state the organization had fallen into wasn't all Landry's fault by any means, but he had slipped. No one knew how it would work out because Tom Landry was practically a revered head of state, and everyone knew that there was no guarantee a new coach would be any better. But I do remember Jimmy Johnson being mentioned as someone people speculated about even before we'd ever heard of Jerral Jones. Why? Because he was a big winner at Miami, he ran a pro-style offense (back when option-style offenses were still popular) and he was known as someone who wasn't afraid to delegate authority to his coaches. At the time it was thought that Landry took too much on himself in an increasingly complicated game. (Yet here we are in 2005 with Parcells having his hand in every position.)

    I don't remember having strong feelings about Jerry one way or another, though plenty of people did. Yes, he bungled the Landry firing and made turnip-truck comments about the cheerleaders being "the pick of the litter". But I remember the focus being much more on Jimmy Johnson and what he was doing with the team much more than the owner.

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