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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Jack-Reacher, Nov 19, 2005.

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    jimmy sacked the legendary landry like he was a washroom attendant. that was not a good start.

    but i started to warm to jerry during the '90 season when jimmah was named NFL coach of the year, emmitt the NFC ROY, and novacek was aquired to play TE. it just seemed like most of his and jimmy's moves were working out. late in the season the Cowboys won four in a row and appeared on the verge of a Wildcard berth before Troy suffered a seperated shoulder against Philly in the second-to-last game of the regular season. enter Babe Laughenberg and Cowboys close out the season with 2 consecutive losses - narrowly missing the playoffs. but you could see the Cowboys were a team on the rise.

    and jerry has had his share of valleys, too: divorce from jimmah, a string of puppetmen HCs, a blown cap, bad trades and crud drafts he oversaw, etc. for years he stubbornly clung to the idea that he could singularly will the Cowboys back to lofty heights.

    IMO, the cathartic moment was when he got the spark of an idea to bring in parcells, an NFL coaching giant and a guy who wouldn't cave to jerrah's every whim. the move represents his recognition and admission of his own limitations.

    jones wants to win as much as any NFL owner. but he had to overcome his own gargantuan ego first. i like the progress of late.
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    Anyone catch Jimmy Johnson's comments on Fox?

    Jimmy called TO out and said he was a selfish player and the media was only giving him the attention he wanted by continuing to talk about it. Said he was a bad teammate.

    Then Bradshaw called him out, and said that Jimmy of all people, would play anyone who helped the team, no matter the character issues, and Jimmy confessed that if his team was in the Playoff hunt, TO would be on the field playing right now. LOL
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