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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Woods, Feb 25, 2006.

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    In a typical 3-4 defense, given that we have Ware who is a versatile LB (i.e., can rush, play the run, the pass, etc.), but who is our primary pass rusher, what type of LB typically plays the opposite side?

    In other words, are we looking for another pass rushing LB (who can also cover but whose primary responsibility is to get to the QB), or a LB who is better in coverage rather than rushing the passer?

    If both outside LBs are primarily pass rushers (yet o.k. at pass coverage), is it the Safeties' responsibility to cover the TEs and slot WRs?

    I guess this brings me back to the debate on Carpenter vs. Lawson in this coming Draft. From what I can make out, Carpenter is more your "typical" LB who can play the run, pass, and rush the QB, while Lawson appears to be more similar to Ware in that he has immense potential to develop into a
    top quality pass rusher down the road.
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    My Cousin will do just fine next Season!
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    Its my opinion, and many disagree with me here, that you want a more typical linebacker on the strong side. In other words, a guy that is strong against the run, strong against the pass and can add some pass rush. And if not a typical linebacker, a guy that come up to speed doing those things rather quickly. In other words, a guy good in space and with the ability to take on and shed blocks.

    I think your primary pass rusher should come from the weak side, which is where Ware plays.

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