QUESTIONS: Post your questions for Cowboys Legend Bill Bates

Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Hostile, Jul 27, 2011.

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    I cannot tell you how excited I am about this one folks. I finally get to tell him the story about my grandma.

    You have one week to ask your questions or share your comments (thank you BP for the idea) and I will get them to him.
  2. tomson75

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    THAT is pretty damn cool.
  3. The Emperor

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    How daunting was it to make the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in an era when there were 12 rounds?
  4. cowboyjoe

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    Bill Bates, you were one of my favorite players on cowboys in the 90's. Troy Aikman was said to say, we didn't know what it really took to be a championship team till Charles Haley got here. So, with you being on the team at that time, what did you see that was missing, and what Charles Haley helped change in regards to what Troy said.
  5. dougonthebench

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    Hi Bill, I've been a big fan of yours. Whats your favorite moment as a Cowboy?
  6. lane

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    Bill, Michael and Everson gave me so many memories.

    You were and still are one of my favorite Cowboy players ever..

    How are the triplets?

  7. jobberone

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    You stole my question.
  8. jobberone

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    Bill, I enjoyed your stay with the Cowboys very much. You were one of my favorite players.

    Bill, tell us what you think of locker room chemistry or team chemistry. How important is it? What does it take to have it?
  9. Nukeman

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    If you were GM and/or Owner, what would Bill Bates do to position this team to go all the way this year?

    P.S. Thanks for all the fun, you are truly awesome!
  10. brucekr

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    What was it like to experience the end of the Landry era and the beginning of the Jerry Jones/Jimmy Johnson era? How long did it take the team to believe in the new system and come together as a team?
  11. SA_Gunslinger

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    How difficult was it to finally get to the Super Bowl and not play? (1992) My heart was breaking for you that day.

    Follow up question....your coin toss call at Super Bowl 28 was epic. Were you just all adrenaline at that point?

    Great stuff.

    Thank you for being a great Cowboy.

  12. JBell523

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    Hey Bill,

    Do you see any players in today's league that reminds you of yourself?

    (off-topic: whatever happened to the Vic Butler Q&A thread?)
  13. hutch1254

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    Bill, what did you learn from Jimmy Johnson that stuck with you the most?
  14. 802dave

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    One of my favorites of all time! The Bill Bates #40 jersey is the only jersey I ever bought.

    One of the original special teams kamikazis! I remember one time on Monday night football, Bates went down on the kickoff and blew the guy up and then stood over him and was yelling something inaudible. John Madden: wow, Bates just turned into an animal! LOL!
  15. Joe Rod

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    Bill, what went through your mind when you heard that Tom Landry was let go and Jimmy Johnson was hired as the new head coach of the Cowboys?

    I was pretty devastated that day.
  16. LeonDixson

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    Bill, this is a follow up on a previous question. When you came to your first camp with the Cowboys was there a defining moment or series of moments when you felt confident you would make the team? Did you expect to have the long successful career you enjoyed?
  17. 802dave

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    You had the ability to really time your hits/tackles and drive through guys with lots of power. Was there something you did in your training that gave you that edge or was it something you feel was instinctive?

    Dave Bates
  18. trueblue1687

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    Hello from Knoxville, Bill! Your play with the Cowboys was inspiring to say the least. I watched you play from the time you were at Farragut High School until your days at UT. Do you ever get back to your old schools for visits or speaking engagements?
  19. boba5555

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    Bill, what was your most memorable/favorite "slobber-knocker" hit you laid on someone during your NFL career?
  20. Rackat

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    Bill, you are one of my favorite Cowboys of all time. I have a two part question:

    First, which of the NFC Teams did you consider to be the biggest rival of the Cowboys during your years?

    Second, do you think there are still those feelings of rivalry with today's players/teams?

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