Quick! Im debating Emmitt vs Barry on ESPN boards and I need a quote...

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Mar 27, 2006.

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    I hate to say it.
    But I think that HH is one of those guys that really doesnt appreciate the history of the game. He has no idea who Wilkes is with that awkward shot, or Thompson was with his gritty play, or Nixon was (who married Debbie Allen).

    The NBA used to be so much better. Expansion has hurt the NBA even more than it has the NFL.
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    Steve Nash owns Magic in his prime:lmao2: :lmao: :laugh2:

    Well.......I mean Nash is more errrrrr uhhhhh talented, but Magic has better natural basketball skills.

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    yes, but not in there prime
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    Just to put that in perspective: I read an Angus Young interview recently, and he claimed in all seriousness, that his brother Malcolm was equally as good as him as a lead guitarist. Now I love Malcolm Young (rhythm guitarist extraordinaire) but I have a hard time believing he could fill in for Angus on lead guitar. The point being, just because the guy is modest, doesn't necessarily make him right. I think Emmitt suffers from similar delusions of modesty.
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    This thread is getting a very Sports Zone feel to it.

    Or maybe if we had an "Old People Talking About Retired Basketball Players Thread" it could go there. I hear that thread has a great menu with DP and Pea Salad on it.



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    he might be


    sadly I never got to see him, BUT I have seen record books, Emmitt is ahead of him

    I have seen Emmitt and Bary play, Emmitt was the better Running Back, not the better runner

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    HH goes down down down into the burning ring of fire.

    Seriously where is Nors I for some reason like him better than this guy

    The question should be, who would you rather have Aikman & Emmitt or Sanders & some other QB. Where would we be today. Probably sitting at 2 SBs.

    Just like your stupid Cunningham/Aikman debate.

    Sanders = better runner
    Smith = better all-round rb

    Cunningham = better runner
    Aikman = better all-round qb
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    Not to mention the officiating in the NBA is far beyond horrible.

    I haven't watched more then 3 complete NBA games in over 3 years. I used to watch it religiously.

    Like you said, it bores me now.
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    Back to Barry vs. Emmitt...

    Hostile and others have been pounding this point into the sand and I thought that I'd try to slam it home even more.

    I'm in the party that believes Barry to be the more electrifying runner, but Emmitt's style of running is more conducive to winning.

    A typical Barry game seemed to have two/three big runs with many -3 runs that killed drives. Now, statistically, the big runs offset the -3 yard runs so Barry has a +100 yard total. Sounds great, statistically, right?

    Well, unfortunately, this style hurts teams trying to win games. Field position and time position are huge in football.

    If the Lions had the ball on their own 20 yard line and Barry goes for -3 yards on 1st down, the Lions are poised to go 3 & out.

    Thus, the Lions punt and the opposition is darn near midfield.

    Take that situation with Emmitt. Emmitt sees 4 or 5 yards and takes it. Boom - it's 2nd and 5...much more conducive to sustaining long drives, eating up the clock and winning the field position battle.

    Even if the Cowboys punted, the Cowboys would be more likely to get two or three 1st downs. As a result, the opposition gets the ball on their 20-yard line instead of midfield.

    Over the course of the game, these field position and time of possession battles will significantly determine whether you win or lose the game.

    Could you hold a lead in the 2nd half feeding it 10 straight times to Barry? This was Emmitt's specialty as his runs sucked time off the clock and prevented the opposition's offense from getting onto the field - no comeback chances. Barry and the Lions were more apt to punt it right back with time left on the clock.

    Barry and Emmitt both finished with +100 yards, but it was the Cowboys with the "W" at the end of the game.

    Point #2 - There have been many, many, many, other RBs worse than Barry Sanders with worse OLs than the Lions, but these RBs had far less runs for negative yardage.

    Don't tell me Barry had negative yardage solely because his OL sucked. BS.

    Corey Dillon was on a far worse Cincy Bengals team and had less negative yardage runs. Barry scoffed at 4 yard runs for the homerun and many times, got negative yards. LaDanian Tomlinson had a worse OL and team than Barry, yet has less negative yardage runs. Chris Warren, Ricky Watters, Rodney Hampton all had subpar OLs, but not near the amount of negative runs that Barry had.

    Barry lost yards because of his reckless, yet scintillating, run style. In fact his athletic ability almost hurt him because he wouldn't take the 4 yards.

    Just two more hammered reasons for why I'd take Emmitt over Barry.
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    Thank you...

    It really is that simple...if you want flash take Barry...if you want to win you better take Emmitt

    also Aikman > Cunningham and Jim Brown was a fantastic player and if we could pull him out of his time and have him in his prime he would still be a fantastic player...shoot with all of the modern devices and diets for players now a days, Jim Brown would be a monster

    Rack I think if you were a captain of one team and I was the captain of the other(after you picked Magic) I would pick Chamberlain and as my second choice I take Jordan
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    let me guess your opponent's main arguments for Barry

    Emmitt had a great Oline, while Barry didn't

    Emmitt had Aikman and Irvin, while Barry didn't

    Emmitt played a year longer than Barry did when he broke the record

    pretty close? all easily debated, as I've been through the same process before with BigDFan5, and we silenced the Barry supporters on another board...for awhile, just to see the argument start up again and the same tired arguments brought up for Barry
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    Right on. Absolutely right on.

    Or, as Jimmy Johnson said (which is what started this whole thing):

    "Barry Sanders is a very exciting runner, with all the things he can do. He's very fun to watch. So, if I'm a fan and I want to watch someone run the ball, I'd want to watch Barry Sanders. But if I'm a coach and I want to win championships, then I'd want Emmitt Smith."

    Can't be any more clear than that...


    Peace and Love

    - PoetTree -
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    Dale Hansen (who I hate) may have said it best when he was comparing Steve Young and Brett Favre to Troy Aikman. They got more kudos because they made it look hard. Aikman made it look easy. Everything Sanders did left you shocked because what he did looked impossible. Emmitt made it look easy.
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    I triple Agree on that. The NBA Today is just about as boring of a Sport as they come. The officiating is terrible I hate watching a whistle every 2 plays, It feels like I'm watching a free throw Competition.

    I think more fans should think like us maybe like that they can let the players actually play.
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    :lmao: gooden!
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    Great post.

    I used a similar analogy twice. It really is this simple. Assume Barry loses 2 yards on 1st down 10 times in a game. Emmitt on the other hand gains 4 yards 10 times. That is below Emmitt's career average, but this is to serve a point.

    If you are an Offensive Coordinator would you rather have ten 2nd and 12's or ten 2nd and 6's?

    Switch it to Defensive Coordinator. Would you rather see ten 2nd and 6's or ten 2nd and 12's?

    On 2nd down and long the Defense has so many more options and the offense so few. It handicaps a team. At this level that is the last thing you want.

    Sustaining scoring drives (not 1 drive) is about moving the ball. So Barry has 25 carries for 150 yards with one of them an 80 yard amazing sprint. 24 carries for 70 yards impress you much? That's a 2.9 YPC. How many points do you think those other drives yielded? Was it worth that 1 amazing 80 yard scamper? Not in my book.
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    People forget that Barry played alongside 3 perennial Pro Bowlers in Lomas Brown, Kevin Glover and Herman Moore. In fact, Moore had a 3 year span where he caught 333 passes. For all of the talk about Emmitt's supporting cast, Barry had Pro Bowlers playing alongside him as well.

    But even still, what makes Barry the most overrated player I've ever seen is that he is the career leader in carries for negative yardage. Like I pointed out earlier, Barry has always been afraid of getting hit and admitted to such since he was in high school because of his lack of size. Instead of taking the hole that was developed for him, he would rather cut back. Sometimes it worked, often times it didn't.

    If you give me two running backs and their carries in one game look like this:


    4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4


    1, -1, 3, -3, 4, -4, 5, -5, 3, -3, 30, 1, 1, -1, -2, 70

    I would rather take Running Back A over Running Back B. Running Back B would have a higher yards per carry (6.25 vs. 5.00 yards per carry), but too often he was leaving his team with 2nd or 3rd and long situations.

    Being a pure runner to me isn't just being able to be fast, quick and juke defenders. It's the ability to bowl them over or just being tough to bring them down. It's about having vision and patience and then bursting through the hole just at the moment it develops. And more importantly, it's about willing to sacrifice your body to get the yards needed instead of wimping out and losing yardage for the possibility of making a highlight reel.

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