Quick! Im debating Emmitt vs Barry on ESPN boards and I need a quote...

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Mar 27, 2006.

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    The quote, from Jimmy Johnson:

    "Barry Sanders is a very exciting runner, with all the things he can do. He's very fun to watch. So, if I'm a fan and I want to watch someone run the ball, I'd want to watch Barry Sanders. But if I'm a coach and I want to win championships, then I'd want Emmitt Smith."

    And yet, another:

    "What makes Emmitt special... is that he’s got just such tremendous pride. He wants to be the very, very best... and that’s what drives him during a game, that determination. He’s a great player... and the greatest running back I’ve ever seen in my life."

    Case. Closed.


    Peace and Love

    - PoetTree -

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    Poet Tree, thank you much man..

    and I agree with everything you guys are saying.. I use all those points when I argue this.. the thing is, FANS always choose Barry cause he was so flashy and fun.. COACHES always choose Emmitt for all the reasons that we know.. another thing is, the Cowboys are by far the most hated team in football, so there is an automatic biased against Emmitt..

    as for Emmitt calling Barry the best, well, Emmitt is a classy guy and he and Sanders are friends.. so him saying that doesnt surprise me..

    and for the guy calling me out about "schooling" people cause I didnt find a JJ quote-- whats up with that? are we not on the same side here? the reason I asked in the first place was to get a quote so that I could school the guy.. its called research.. which I just used, thanks to Poet Tree.. so my research worked.. usually, I use facts and stats and quotes and newspaper article links that I have on hand.. I just didnt have any from JJ.. geesh..
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    it was more to say it was a stupid argument than to "call someone out". but since you said you "schooled" many people you'd think you'd have the quotes handy.

    in any event, still a stupid argument no matter who's side your on mostly cause there isn't an "end" to it. you feel what you wanna feel and be glad emmitt was a cowboy. the BEST EVER! just comes across as a waste of time regardless of the "schooling" you deliver or get delivered to you.

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    stupid argument? maybe.. but it has been debated since the early 90s and it is still debated.. it is mentioned all the time in football message boards.. maybe I should ignore it, but every time I see it I cant help but to put in my two cents.. then some Barry backer says something ridiculous and all these dumb fans start backing him up and I get all riled up..
  5. iceberg

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    and the barry backers get upset when the emmitt backers say something stupid, and they get all riled up and need to return the schooling. like i said - feel how you wanna feel and let it go. both are high quality backs we were fortunate enough to see in our lifetime.

    again, which is better - a ferrari or a lamborghini?

    both have their own strengths and weaknesses but both are pretty much the best "cars" out there. unless you need a hummer but we're not talking fullbacks. : )

    emmitt had things he was great at, so did barry. who is "better" is nothing more than your point of view.
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    Very nicely said.

    Might I add that when the big game came around, Emmitt didn't disappear.

    Going as early as 1990, Emmitt's rookie season. The way he broke those Redskin tackles on Thanksgiving.

    Emmitt's bob-n-weave TDs against the Cards were a sight to behold.

    Or it is 1991, and Emmitt broke a Kazillion tackles against the Redskins on the second Monday Night of the season. It wasn't Emmitt's fault the Cowboys gave up 33 points in that loss.

    Or it is 1992, when Emmitt is dancing around a gaggle of Falcons, and scoring a clutch touchdown in Denver a couple of weeks earlier...

    ...or ripping through the Gang Green defense, recording the first 100 yard game in 51 games....and then repeat that in the playoffs.

    Or it is the two clutch catches in San Francisco. The first one was a flare pass in which Emmitt did a spin move on Romanowski getting a clutch first down which led to a 9:00 TD drive. That TD was scored on another flare pass in which Emmitt scored from 15 yards out.

    Or it is running through the Buffalo Bills, or putting his helmet in Cornelius Bennett's ribs protecting Aikman.

    I have said it all along....

    ....Barry runs with his legs - whereas Emmitt runs with his heart.
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    Wasn't it Emmitt that said, "I didn't say I was the best ever, I said I had the most yards, most touchdowns, most records, most rings, and the most attractive wife, but I didn't say I was the best ever."

    I may be completely wrong but I thought I remember him saying that.
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    :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
  9. ConcordCowboy

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    Really...This is a exercise in futility.

    You will never convince someone that one or the other is better if they think differently.

    They are both Great...I'm glad we were blessed with Emmitt...but there is nothing wrong with Sanders except to me he Quit on his team...I know that's open to debate for some people but that's how I feel.
  10. superpunk

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    Emmitt versus Barry....

    I declare this the official beginning of the offseason doldrums.
  11. DallasDomination

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    Yea Emmitt might not be the best Running back, but he has the most Yards, the most TDs and the most SB Rings:star: Quote that.
  12. Bullet22

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    Emmitt has the most yards and rings..but Sanders was better...but it doesn't really matter...
  13. Mauricio

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    Barry is the RB that has been stoped the most behind the line of scrimage.
    Barry played against 4th and 5th place shedule teams
    Emmith played twice a year vs NFC (Washington and Giants won SB the years before the cowboys) and how about the Phily DL (maybe best ever).

    go cowboys

  14. wxcpo

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    Ding, ding, ding we have a winner here. This is exactly my arguement when so many say Emmitt played behind a much better line. Emmitt made his line look as good as they made him look. He was the reason those guys became pro bowlers, not the other way around.

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    BARRY is the best RUNNER!

    E train was the the best Running Back.

    He could run.

    He was durable.


    He played hurt.

    He was a leader.

    He was a class act.


    He could also catch.

    Barry does not have half of those.

    Yes he is a better RUNNER..but not a better running back

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    and I believe barry had some pro bowl OL as well
  17. Bullet22

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    Barry didn't have a blocking fullback, A hall of fame qb, hall of fame wr, a pro bowl te, and a probowl line....
  18. The30YardSlant

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    Sorry guys, but if you ever watched Barry Sanders, this wouldnt even be up for discussion. Sanders would have easily hit 20,000 yards had he stayed in the league as long as Emmitt. And he did it all behind a line that could hold the jock of the Dallas O-Line.

    Emmitt was great, #3 all-time, but in terms of RB ability, not numbers, Payton and Sanders were better players.

    MRTRIPOD New Member

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    great, better runners

    but not better running backs.

    E was the WHOLE package.

    Berry could not block half as good as Emmitt

    he also does not have the character or team loyalty

    if he was so good, he would have the record..he doesn't

    I guess he wasn't talented with commitment
  20. Hostile

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    I would not under any circumstances want Barry Sanders on my team if another RB could be had.

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