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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rcaldw, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. rcaldw

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    Not wanting to start a Henson thread here, just wanted a question answered if anyone knew. Last week someone mentioned in the midst of a thread that they were allowing/asking Henson to revert back to his old throwing motion, and thus basically admitting that the change was a mistake. Has anyone else heard this, and can confirm this?
  2. Hostile

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    There was a comment in a Parcells press conference about it. There has never been a clarification that I saw.

    The most recent comments about him that I saw were that his shoulder is finally back to 100%.
  3. mullet

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    I haven't seen any comments on his throwing motion or his shoulder.
    any detail would be appreciated.

    I think we all speculated that his arm wasn't totally healthy (tired) in the preseason. and, I think his thumb was banged up.
  4. rcaldw

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    Parcells said they were allowing him to do this? Also, what was the nature of the shoulder injury, I never knew about that either?
  5. Hostile

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    The shoulder injury dates back to pre season.

    Again, there was never a clarification of whether his throwing motion was going back or not.
  6. acheman

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    I never heard about a shoulder injury. But several (at least two that I remember) articles on DC.com referred to his reverting back to his old motion, and I think JJT said something to that effect as well. May not be admitting a mistake in changing it to begin with, it might be a sign of resignation that they don't care how he throws anymore. I hope not. His being sent to Europe this spring can't be a good sign either. I like the guy. I want him to work out, but I really don't have that much faith that it will any longer.
  7. Hostile

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    NFLE is not a certainty according to Parcells either. Still just an option.
  8. acheman

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    Hostile: what is this shoulder injury you refer to? How did it happen? What degree of injury was it? I knew about the thumb. And most speculated his arm was worn out from 5,000 off-season passes. Just never heard word one about a shoulder injury. And where did you hear that is was almost 100%? Not questioning you, just would like to know if there is another Cowboys source out there where I can find obscure info like this. Thanks
  9. sonnyboy

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    Then why did you start a Henson thread?
  10. Hostile

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    He banged his thumb on someone's helmet in a game. If I remember right.

    Right at the end of Training Camp something was said about his shoulder. There was some speculation on the forum that it was injured because he changed his motion. Some Henson fans speculated that was why he lost the bckup job to Romo.

    I don't believe the team ever made a big deal about it. Anything said was just small comments here or there. The same thing with the recent comment I heard. It was more something he said in passing almost as if an afterthought. If I remember the context of it he said something about Romo needing to pick it up again because Henson was all right again and showing improvement.

    I just sort of catalogued the comments and have made mention of them every now and then.

    When I get home from work I'll try and find the blurbs I am speaking of.
  11. rcaldw

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    Wow, your so smart, I stand in awe.
  12. silver

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    yes, he's supposedly back to his old form. but i was at the thanksgiving game and saw that he's throwing with the "new" over the top motion so it's probably just hogwash.
  13. LaTunaNostra

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    The only mention of it I saw was in this Mosley article.


    A brief mention that he had returned to his old motion, and Mosley saying would keep us posted.

    I have not seen that followed up or expanded on by any writer.

    And I have daily google reports emailed to me on "Drew Henson".

    Maybe one of us should write to Matt's Mailbag and ask Matt if he was dreaming.

  14. RCowboyFan

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    I am not sure he said anything about Romo needing to pick it up in context of Henson. But yeah, BP, said during the break week I think, Jennifer asking about backup QBs, that Romo seemed to have lost his edge and BP had a chat with him about staying sharp etc.

    I think there weren't any explanation about Henson that much, other than he is running scouting team in that PC at the least. Now I guess I don't recall any other comment regarding Henson or Romo, so you might be wrong on Henson comments from BP.
  15. Nors

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    There was no shoulder injury ever reported to the best of my knowledge- some banter about a possible bruised finger/hand speculated by some. Even that was never factual.
  16. Cbz40

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  17. ConcordCowboy

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    The Cowboys should have Never Messed with Henson's motion!

    It's what made him the player that he was/is and that is the player the Cowboys traded for.

    If they didn't like him don't trade for him. They knew all about his throwing motion before so don't screw with it. They were stupid to do so.
  18. cowboyskid29

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    its funny they change hensons motion, but bledsoes throwing motion is defianitly not a over the top throwing motion
  19. TunaFan33

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    Yet another bone-headed Jerry move. Would have thought he'd learn his lesson from QC and Hutch, eh? :lmao2:
  20. blindzebra

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    EVERY reporter covering the Cowboys reported on Henson hurting his finger by hitting a helmet in the scrimmage.

    Why would I be surprised?:rolleyes:

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