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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rcaldw, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. Alexander

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    Are you joking?

    Bledsoe did not have to "beat out" anyone. The job was his when he signed the contract. There was no open competition.
  2. big dog cowboy

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    Nors...your reaching here.
  3. Nors

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    Bledsoe hands down beat out Henson. And will for as long as he decides to play in the NFL.

    Henson can't even beat Romo out....

    Move on
  4. BigDFan5

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    Nors this is beyond lame. Bledsoe had the job handed to him when he signed his name. He didnt beat out anyone
  5. Wolverine

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    You never know. If Bledsoe keeps playing like crap like he has the past 4+ games and he continues to fade like those who have seen alota Bledsoe say he will. Then who knows. If Henson shows some real improvement he could just beat out Bledsoe.

    Right now our OL is bad but there have been way to many times where Bledsoe has had time and he still had made horrible throws and decisions.

    If Bledsoe keeps playing like he is right now then it might not take as much for Henson to beat him out as you think.

    Henson is a very talented athlete. Bledsoe is not. Henson does feel pressure and moves around in the pocket or will scramble. Bledsoe is much more like Chad Hutchinson in the pocket. Fumbles and INTs everywhere.

    Hensons arm is every bit as strong as Bledsoes if not more so. He can make any throw Bledsoe can and maybe more.

    Seeing the way Bledsoe is fading away and playing just as bad or worse then our OL is....I am thinking now that IF ONLY we had bit the bullet and gone threw Hensons growing pains this year. Sure we would have no chance at the playoffs this year but NEXT YEAR....with a 16 games under his belt I do think Henson would be the better QB for this team in 2006 then Bledsoe will be.

    I thought Bledsoe was a bad signing at first. Then he lit it all up and I was like...ok he totally proved me wrong on that one. But now it is looking like those us who thought he was a bad signing could be right.

    I just hope he does not F things up against KC so bad that it costs us that game to.

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